June 27, 2007

This alert is from the National Council of the Race ( La Raza)….do the opposite of what these racists ask.

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This alert is from the National Council of the Race ( La Raza)….do the opposite of what these racists ask.

OPPOSE the Graham/Kyl/Martinez Amendment Take Action!
What would this amendment do?

• MANDATORY DETENTION FOR VISA OVERSTAYS: This amendment requires mandatory detention of all individuals who overstay their authorized period of admission by more than 60 days or who violate even a technical condition of their lawful status.
Many of the individuals who will be subject to mandatory detention have valid claims to relief, pose no threat or danger to the community, and have substantial ties to their communities.
The cost of this mandate would be enormous: This proposal will overwhelm federal law enforcement by requiring them to detain everyone and place a costly and unnecessary burden on taxpayers. On average, detention costs are more than $100 per day.

• PERMANENT BAR ON RELIEF FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO OVERSTAY: This amendment permanently bars individuals who overstay or violate the terms of their status from receiving any immigration benefits.

This permanent bar is plainly overreaching, unnecessary, and substandard policy.

• RETURN HOME PRIOR TO Z STATUS: This amendment requires principal Z applicants to return to their home country and obtain a certificate from their consulate before they can be accorded Z status.

This amendment will undermine one of the central goals of the bill: To encourage undocumented immigrants to register with the government, pay fines, and reconcile with the law.
Requiring consulates to steel themselves for a flood of applications eight to ten years down the line is one thing; requiring them to gear up for adjudication of this deluge of in-person applications in the next two to four years is a very different story.

Thanks to AILA, the Rights Working Group and National Immigration Justice Center for this update.