May 31, 2007

We get mail…and hope that the Governor and the Senators do as well

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I have supported Gov. Perdue, Senators Isakson and Chambliss for the past several years and am
very disappointed in their actions as of late. I have called their offices and e-mailed them almost
every day and urged others to do so.

When are these elected officials going to realize they aresupposed to be in office to do the will of the PEOPLE! I think it is 86%of the U.S Population that is agains illegal immigration and amnesty for these illegals, but what help do we get from the people we elected to do OUR will, not theirs. I am at my wits endand think something horrible is going to happen if amnesty is granted.

Governor Perdue needs to stepup to the plate and dowhat he was elected to do.

My son was a State Representative 2 years ago and I was fortunateenough to go to the Governor’s Mansion for a dinner and meet both Governor Perdue and Mary.

I wish I had that opportunity again, I would give him a piece of m ymind!!


Ellijay, Ga.