April 30, 2007

We get mail…from rocket scientists

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I think that you need to stop and think about the statements you are making before you speak. Your words are both cold and full of non-sense. Those “illegal ALIENS” as you call them are human too, they are just not American, and I as an American belive you should give them the same respect you would want. How would you like for someone to speak about you the way you speak about them? Are you so much better than they are because you’re an American??? I don’t think so and I am an American born and bread in the south and proud of it…. but that doesn’t give me a right to spit harmful words out as if I’m a complete moran like you have!!!! I would never ever ever vote for and idiot such as yourself….for all I know you would sooner see me killed than protect a border from people that are just trying to live a life that is prosperous so you sir with no respect for you or your words should watch your mouth a lot better. How far do you expect to get with that ignorance you are speaking?

Samantha Whitman
Stockbridge, Ga.

Thanks for writing Samantha, we need people like you to write more often…now back to your rocket science work dear. dak