January 31, 2007

Arizona state government proves that Social Security info can be verified …OH MY!

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The question seems clear: If this can be done in Arizona, why not in Georgia?

Let’s start asking.

From AZCentral.com

State effort proves that Social Security info can be verified

Republic columnist
Oct. 16, 2006

Quietly, for the past year, state officials tucked away in a non- descript building near the state Capitol have waged a small battle against illegal immigration.

What they do seems pretty simple: They check state employees’ Social Security numbers to make sure they match those on file in Washington.

But that monthly running of the numbers might prove significant in the debate over illegal immigration in Arizona. advertisement

Because it knocks down a major argument that kept state Republicans from supporting legislation last year that would crack down on employers of illegal immigrants.

Namely, it shows the database works.

Arizona started checking the names and Social Security numbers of its employees in December after Gov. Janet Napolitano signed an executive order mandating the program.

Since then, every five weeks or so, the state Department of Administration has electronically sent the names and numbers of all 42,000 state employees through the Social Security Number Verification program.

More coming on this very good use of available tools to ensure compliance with the law.