January 28, 2007

Guess what? It is a crime to steal someone’s idenity…even if you are “just looking for a better life” …and also stealing an American job and American wages.

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This will become very important very soon.

Athens Banner Herald
January 9, 2007

High court upholds ID theft conviction

ATLANTA – The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the identity fraud conviction of an illegal immigrant from Mexico who used the name and Social Security number of a Danielsville man to get a job at a poultry plant.

In a unanimous decision released Monday, the justices said Georgia’s identity theft law is not unconstitutionally vague, nor is it pre-empted by federal law.

The high court found that Nohe Gomes Hernandez “misappropriated the Social Security number of Jason Smith,” a Danielsville resident, and that he “then used this misappropriated number to obtain a Social Security card and a California driver’s license in Smith’s name” so he could get a job at a Northeast Georgia poultry plant.

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The opinion from the Court here.

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