December 31, 2006

Business Week magazine’s report on the Dustin Inman Society and the Georgia Security and immigration Compliance Act of 2006

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From Business Week, May 1, 2006

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands
States such as Georgia are cracking down on illegal labor as reform stalls on the Hill
By Coleman Cowan and Brian Grow

At the Apr. 17 rally in Atlanta, a crowd waved banners that read “Kick Me, I’m a Citizen,” and “Hola Georgiafornia, Adios Borders.” King, 54, introduced a doctor, a legal Hispanic, and a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Catherine Davis. She called on officials to bring a bus to the next pro-immigrant rally to take illegals “to the border.” When King’s turn came, he told the crowd: “We are here because our federal government refuses to enforce our immigration or employment laws.” He says he has talked with fellow activists in 19 other states about exporting the Georgia strategy.

The entire article is here. I am posting news items from 2006 in an effort to illustrate that we are making a difference.

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