September 27, 2006

Illegal immigration opponents urge action…news story in today’s MDJ

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I went to my county Board of Commissioners meeting last night…I hope a lot of readers will begin to do the same. I am embarressed to say: It was only my second visit there.

Asking when, not if, your county government will begin to use the Basic Pilot Program, the Systematic Verification for Entitlements [ SAVE ]data base and train local police under section 287 g of the 1996 Immigration law are very good starting questions for those elected to protect us and our tax dollars.

Online version of news article in today’s MDJ below. The paper edition was headlined “Illegal immigration opponents urge action”.

Yes…we do.

Commission says Cobb ahead of new mandates

By Amanda Casciaro
Marietta Daily Journal Staff Writer

MARIETTA – An east Cobb man called on Cobb commissioners Tuesday to pick up where federal officials have left off in the battle against illegal immigrants in the county.

D.A. King, a well-known proponent against illegal immigrants, asked commissioners at their Tuesday meeting to look into implementation of a federal pilot program to combat the issue.

The program, a staple in many cities including Hazelton, Pa., allows businesses to search the employment eligibility of potential workers in about “five seconds,” King said.

Cobb Commission Chairman Sam Olens said the county already is researching the program, and it would be in place “way before the state-mandated deadline.”

“Our police department is spending hundreds of hours on this issue,” Olens said. “We’re not taking this lightly, but I really do wish the federal government would wake up because this issue emanates from them.”

Mary Kirkendall, a resident of a neighborhood off South Cobb Drive near Smyrna, also asked commissioners to do more to curb illegal immigrants in Cobb, starting with those who live in alleged boarding homes.

Although locating illegal immigrants is a major concern for county officials, Olens said, “We need to comply with state and federal laws. I’m not going to ask the police department to violate the U.S. Constitution.”

Officers cannot go door-to-door to ask for proof of residency without probable cause, he said.