September 25, 2006


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American Border Patrol take fire from smugglers most every week.

This from Canada and the Seattle Times.

Long lines at Canadian border after guards leave
By Tyrone Beason

Seattle Times staff reporter

Motorists heading to Canada from Western Washington waited three hours or more to cross the border Sunday night after unarmed Canadian border guards walked off the job earlier in the day in response to a report that a murder suspect was heading their way.

Canadian border-patrol officers do not carry firearms and are allowed to walk off the job if work conditions become too dangerous.

Canadian Border Service Agency spokeswoman Faith St. John said problems started just after 2 p.m. when guards at the Huntingdon crossing, across the border from Sumas, Whatcom County, left their posts after hearing that an armed and dangerous murder suspect might try to enter Canada from the United States. The move shut down that border crossing for a short time, she said.