September 25, 2006

Hazleton PA: Fighting the illegal alien lobby and the illegal renters, employers and aliens

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Read about Hazelton PA.

Ask yourself why Georgia cities and counties are not showing the same courage.

Many other towns have picked up on what Hazleton is doing. Some have introduced or passed similar laws. Others are interested, but hold back — out of the ACLU line of fire until the Hazleton case has been won. More and more cities and states may adopt Hazleton-like laws. The crimes and public service costs of illegal aliens would then be concentrated more and more in cities and states that make themselves “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.
This small case in a small town could have an enormous effect. It could generate from the grass roots, the pressure on Congress to deal with the problem of illegal aliens, rather than speak platitudes and duck the problem for another generation

Maybe they are more afraid of the ACLU and GALEO than the pesky American voter?