July 28, 2006

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services can’t handle “guest workers”

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“Implementation of the Senate bill would codify the nightmare and ensure that the criminals, terrorists and foreign intelligence operatives who have already gamed our immigration system are issued legal immigration documents and allowed to stay permanently”.

I wish I had written that. I didn’t.

It is the prepared testimony of Michael Maxwell, who until this year ran the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) internal affairs division. He testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee.

What he said is that we don’t have the resources to do a background check for the millions of illegal aliens who are being promised amnesty- again in the nearly dead senate bill.

Illegal immigration lives on.

From the Washington Times:

Agency can’t handle guest workers
By Stephen Dinan
July 27, 2006

“Today’s hearing before the immigration subcommittee will also look at whether USCIS can handle the additional workload that the Senate bill would place on it. The subcommittee says the Senate bill would force the agency to process 10 million applications from illegal aliens seeking legal status within 90 days.
Mr. Maxwell will testify that USCIS also is subject to rampant corruption and puts customer service at a higher priority than national security.
USCIS Director Emilio T. Gonzalez, who was sworn in at the beginning of this year, has disputed Mr. Maxwell’s charges, saying he has put a new emphasis on national security at the agency. He also says the agency is working to evaluate the rate of fraud and to correct problems.
Mr. Gonzalez has acknowledged that the Senate bill’s 90-day period for registering illegal aliens for legal status doesn’t give his agency enough time to get ready”.

Full report here.