July 26, 2006

Another attempt at amnesty again

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Here comes another amnesty plan. If you are asking yourself if it will ever end…the answer is “NO”…it won’t.

Illegal immigration is a multi-billion dollar a year act of organized crime and amnesty for the criminal employers and the aliens is key to continuing the racket.

I have alrerady contacted two Georgia Congressmen to urge them to not even consider the latest amnesty plan. Coming from Rep. Pence and Senator Hutchison – both Republicans – the most recent amnesty would be run in part by the employers!

Right. We want to trust the same people who are hiring the illegals to operate an amnesty program…and could I please have another chance at buying the Brooklyn Bridge?

Congressman Tom Tancredo:

“Having employers which have already broken the law determine the number of cheap foreign workers that will be admitted into the U.S. is a classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse,” said Mr. Tancredo, who is no longer directly involved in Team America. “No plan that allows temporary workers to stay permanently is a ‘guest’-worker plan.”

See here for the Pence Watch on TEAM AMERICA PAC.

The Washington Times reports on the PENCE-HUTCHISON amnesty:

The latest proposal in Congress for a “guest”-worker program would allow unlimited immigration of eligible workers during the first three years and allow them and their families to remain here indefinitely.
Offered by two Republicans, the plan is criticized by proponents of stricter immigration laws. They say the program would tilt the nation’s immigration system toward millions of uneducated, unskilled workers.
Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said yesterday that they offered the proposal as a compromise to end the deadlock in Congress over immigration reform. House Republicans favor securing the border and enforcing current laws, while the Senate demands “comprehensive” reform that secures the border and implements a guest-worker program.

Thomas Sowell on the concept from Jewish World Review:

Just when it looked like the Senate Republicans had finally gotten the message that the American people in general, and their own supporters in particular, are outraged over amnesty for illegal aliens, some Republican Senators have come up with yet another disguise for amnesty — and gotten bipartisan support, including Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Under this new plan, its advocates claim, illegal immigrants would “have to leave the country” and re-apply to come back in legally and get on a path toward citizenship. It sounds good but on closer examination it turns out to be a fraud.

How long would the illegal immigrants have to leave the country? According to the Senate bill they “may exit the United States and immediately re-enter.” In other words, do a U-turn and come right back. How is that for “tough” border control?

Amnesty again anyone?