July 24, 2006

Mexico Moving Immigration Debate to World Stage – MEXIDATA.com

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This from MEXIDATA

Mexico Moving Immigration Debate to World Stage
By Barnard R. Thompson
Monday, July 24, 2006

The Diario de Yucatán reported in mid-July, quoting the head of Mexico’s National Population Council (Conapo), that 17 percent of Mexicans between the ages of 15 to 24 emigrate to the United States in search of employment. This means, according to Conapo, that among the 11 million Mexican residents in the United States, approximately 1.86 million are young people.

The article notes that the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJ) classifies, among Mexico’s 105 million residents, 34 million as youth. (The National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics reported that Mexico’s population reached 103.3 million in 2005, having more than doubled since 1970 when the total was 48.2 million people.)

Conapo quoted the annual salary of emigrant youth as US$15,000.00, compared to a US$22,000.00 average for older Mexican emigrants. Six out of ten of the young people crossing the border have less than 12 years of education, most are single males from urban areas, and few of the youth have been part of the migrant current.

Barnard Thompson is an expert on Mexico, we hope that you will read the rest here.