June 8, 2006

Bush to establish federal task force to push for amnesty again

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The President is spending tax money to try to sell his amnesty plan.

You are supposed to believe after paying a $2000.00 fine and three years income taxes that illegals will then assimilate into America… and no more will come. You know, like how it happened after the 1986 amnesty.

Got it?
This from Washington Times via World Peace Herald.

Bush announces task force to assist immigrants
By Stephen Dinan
The Washington Times
Published June 8, 2006

OMAHA, Nebraska — President Bush yesterday announced the creation of a task force to expand English, civics and history lessons as he pushes his plan for longtime illegal aliens to gain a path to citizenship.

He said the government must take an active role in assimilation, a move he called critical both for the nation and for those who have entered its borders.

I love this part: A 2004 survey by the Pew Hispanic Center found that 57 percent of Hispanics felt they had to learn English to be part of American society, while 41 percent said they did not think it was necessary.

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