June 5, 2006

Lupe Moreno is considered a traitor by her people – Lupe is a member of board of advisors, The Dustin Inman Society and a freind

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From CBN:

Illegal Immigrants: A Question of Loyalty
By David Brody
CBN News – Capitol Hill

CBN News –SANTA ANA California – It is an image that is hard to forget: illegal immigrants by the thousands demanding legal citizenship. But American patriotism seemed to be lost in a sea of flags from South of the border.

This has led many Americans to wonder where these protesters pledged their allegiance – to America or Mexico?

More than half of the 12 million illegal immigrants come from Mexico, and 22 percent come from the rest of Latin America. That means 78 percent of the illegals are Hispanic.

This is Santa Ana, California, not Mexico. But sights and sounds can be deceiving. Three out of every four people here are Mexican, and Spanish is the main language. In California, most immigrants say they identify with their country of origin.

Only 20 percent say they identify or feel American. But in a city that is predominately Mexican, one woman here stands out: a Latino as patriotic as they come. A sign in her front yard reads “English for the children.”

Lupe Moreno is considered a traitor by her people. She went from Latino housewife to flag- waving American. She has devoted her life to keeping illegals out of the country. The story of how she got to this place is just as much amazing as it is painful.

Lupe was born in America. Her father, a Mexican illegal who ran a smuggling operation, brought an untold number of illegal immigrants into her home. She was abused by many of them.

“I was totally terrified of life. Totally,” Lupe said.

Eventually, Lupe moved beyond her painful childhood. She began reading about America’s history, a history she fell in love with. And she worked for social services and saw how illegals were abusing the system.

Her patriotism bothered her husband, who was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. After 26 years of marriage, they divorced because he insisted she call herself Mexican.

“I would say no,” Lupe said. “I’m an American. And then, there was one time I thought I was going to be able to say it. We both looked at each other, and I said ‘I’m sorry.’”

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