May 28, 2006

If you only read one article on our borders, illegal immigration and President Bush…please read this one

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Americans need to accept the fact that President Bush has no intention of securing our borders.

His goal is to erase them.

Below is as good an article on the crisis as I have seen and I reccommend reading the entire piece and using the knowledge it contains to do what you can to stop the Bush capitulation and the Senate amnesty.

From the San Bernadino County Sun
May 28, 2006

Double vision
Bush’s hopes for border defining policy
Sara A. Carter, Staff Writer

Paying closest attention to what happens next are the United States’ illegal immigrants, estimated to number about 12 million, and the growing number of U.S. citizens and lawmakers demanding dramatic changes to border security and immigration policy.

For the latter group, two questions loom: Why, in a time of heightened concern about national security, have so many illegal immigrants been able to make their way across the border? And why has border security to this point been such a bit player in the government’s national-security plans?

The apparent answer: because the government, especially the president himself, wants it that way.

“It seems as though (President Bush) truly rejects the moral legitimacy of immigration enforcement,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. “He is psychologically committed to open borders, and he can’t understand why people don’t think the way he does.”

“The president has all along had a vision of the U.S. and Mexico that stands in contrast to the way the vast majority of the American people think about the issue,” added Glynn Custred, a professor of anthropology at Cal State East Bay who specializes in Latin and South American border studies.

“That vision is that there should be a consistent flow of free labor to the north,” Custred continued. “If you look at Bush’s speeches (and) his proposed legislation, it seems he wants it that way because he thinks it’s best for the world.”

Read the entire article here You may want to see what the Border Patrol union in Tucson Arizona has to say as well. Access that site here.