May 26, 2006

News Release from Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood on amnesty in Senate

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U.S. Representative Charlie Norwood, Ninth District, Georgia
For immediate release: May 25, 2006
Democrats’ Amnesty Bill “Dead on Arrival” in Conference

(Washington, DC) – Democrats and a handful of Republican turncoats in the U.S. Senate today voted to sell out the American people to vested and foreign interests with passage of a bill granting not only amnesty, but preferential treatment of illegal aliens over American citizens, according to U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA). 32 of 55 Republican Senators, including Georgia’s Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, stood firm against corruption, but 38 of 42 Democrats, 23 Republicans, and the Senate’s lone independent voted to approve defacto across-the-board amnesty for illegal aliens. The final vote count was 62-36, with two Democrats not voting.

“This bill constitutes treachery against U.S. sovereignty,” says Norwood. “This allows every illegal alien in America to use the fraudulent document industry they have created in the criminal back alleys of our country to claim they have been here 5 years and can now stay forever. They have granted blanket amnesty for citizens of foreign nations against tax fraud, Social Security fraud, Medicare fraud, identity fraud, and bank fraud – all crimes for which there is no forgiveness or mercy for citizens of the United States.”

Norwood says the Senate bill opens the door for a flood of as many as 100 million new legal immigrants over the next 20 years, swamping America’s public schools, welfare and health care systems, destroying Social Security and Medicare, and driving the nation into bankruptcy.

“The physical results of this bill, while terrible, do not equal the moral devastation this sell-out would produce,” says Norwood. “There is one overpowering message in this bill – that the law no longer deserves respect in America. If enough people don’t like and defy any law, they will eventually get away with it, while the law-abiding citizens pay the price. That is not a message we need to be sending out if we want to maintain a free nation. If we don’t stop this outrage in the House, we would be allowing 12 million illegal aliens to spit in the face of democracy and the rule of law.”

Norwood says the Senate bill is dead-on-arrival in the House, and that the first action of the House-Senate Conference Committee should be to immediately reject all Senate language on dealing with illegal aliens already in the country, and all provisions for future immigration or guest worker programs.

“Once we throw out these poison pill provisions, we can get to work straightening out this immigration mess caused by Congress and three Administrations refusing to enforce the law” says Norwood. “First we need to secure our border against future criminals, then we can look at a real guest worker program that provides incentives for those here illegally to come out of the shadows, become an honest guest worker for a couple years, then go home and get in line to come back legally – under our rules – if they desire. Those who comply should be allowed to do so without penalty or fine, but with no amnesty for past criminal behavior or fraud. Those who don’t become felons.”

Norwood says America is facing a true invasion, and needs to respond with manly vigor instead of the cowardice shown by the Senate. “We need at least 36,000 troops on our southern border right now, and we need to rethink NAFTA and our current diplomatic relations with Mexico. There is no purpose in having 47 Mexican consulates in our country other than to encourage illegal immigration and subvert the laws of the United States.”

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