May 21, 2006

“Bush is a hypocrite” …La Prensa

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From a Mexican newspaper. NO! Cynthia Tucker does not work there.

In their phone chat last Sunday, President Bush told Mexican President Vicente Fox that he had no intention of militarizing the U.S.-Mexico border to keep illegal Mexican immigrants from crossing over into the United States. The next day, he promptly announced to his fellow Americans and to the world that he would be doing just that – militarizing the border region by sending some 6000 National Guard troops to patrol the U.S. side.

La Prensa

One Mexican tabloid declared that Bush was a hypocrite for first saying he would not militarize the border region, then ordering National Guard troops to the area
“Hypocrite!” declared an angry headline in the Mexican tabloid La Prensa, referring to Bush’s bald-faced lie.

Let me add my two pesos: Bush is a hypocrite.