January 13, 2006

A willing worker for illegal immigration: Atlanta’s Tom Crawford bashes the rule of law and the citizens it came in on

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The pending state legislation aimed at illegal immigration in Georgia seems to be bringing out the worst in an already poor example of a journalist – and thinker – in Atlanta writer Tom Crawford. [ Email him]

Below is part of a recent commentary written by Crawford that ran in several places around Georgia…we read it in the Cherokee Ledger-News. [ Email the editor] Below that, a few observations from D.A. [Email D.A.]

The Georgia bills that are aimed at helping to enforce existing laws are Senate Bill [SB] 169, SB 170, SB 336 and HB 961 [Note that HB 961 is authored and sponsored by Democrats – maybe Pedro Marin, a signer, is “ethnic bashing” too …ehh Tom?] , among others. Click here to access the bills.

Please let us know if you find any language that addresses “immigrants” or ethnicity. We could not.

Let us know if you read any language that “bashes” anyone. We did not.

From Tom Crawford’s column:

“The season for bashing starts”

“The undocumented immigrants who make up a growing portion of Georgia’s population will also be a prime target for Republicans, reflecting a political trend on the national level as well. Sen. Chip Rogers, a radio talk-show host from Cherokee County, is determined to pass a bill that will deny government benefits like healthcare and education to immigrant families. Legislators will also support giving local police departments the authority to round up illegal aliens and send them back home, although that’s a legally shakier proposition because those powers technically reside with the federal government…

The debate over immigration could cause some heartburn for Perdue, who’s not as enthusiastic about keeping immigrant students out of school as some of his fellow Republicans…

With all the ethnic bashing on the legislative agenda, it could turn into a hostile session very quickly….”

D.A.’s observations on Crawford’s column:

I hate to further confuse Tom Crawford, but by definition, “immigrants” enter the U.S. lawfully.

He should heed some old advice for writers: write about what you know.

Emergency health care and K-12 education are federally mandated and not addressed in Rogers’ legislation. Neither is Rogers’ now a “radio talk show host”. But, who cares… ehh Tom?

Section 287 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996 is only one law that provides for state and local police to enforce immigration law.

Crawford must go apoplectic when he reads that the United States Border Patrol Agents actually apprehend and remove illegal aliens from what remains of our republic.

One wonders if he writes the inflammatory drivel like his commentary on state senator Chip Rogers’ and his bills as a result of sleepless nights spent in horrified panic that we have a border at all – or because he cannot find any valid arguments to support his obvious position that enforcing immigration laws is somehow un-American.

Maybe he is just trying to get to do whatever he can to motivate his people to turn out and vote? Good luck with that Comrade…most us realize that in a war on terror our unsecured borders and the resulting illegal immigration is destroying America. [Most of us think that is a bad thing Tom]

While I have seen more mindless accounts of the Georgia legislation aimed at aiding enforcement of existing law, I have not seen any lazier or more intentionally false.

It is a federal felony to re-enter the U.S. after having been apprehended and removed. It is a federal felony to employ, assist, shelter, transport or encourage an illegal alien to remain in the United States. In Crawford’s world, anyone who even suggests we actually enforce these laws is suspect, and apparently is engaging in “ethnic bashing”.

How handy.

Memo to Crawford: there is no such thing as “cheap labor”…the present black market labor that you pretend to have knowledge on is taxpayer-subsidized labor and it is not cheap. Si? Native born Hispanics and Blacks are the first Americans effected by illegal immigration. Ooops…those pesky facts again.

Tom Crawford is one of many who are concerned that Americans who value the rule of law will actually be successful in making life in Georgia difficult for criminal employers and illegal aliens.

Both of Crawford’s regular readers should be asking why.