December 12, 2005

Temporary worker? or Temporary nation?

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When someone asks why a “temporary worker program” will not work,
tell them there is no such thing as a “temporary worker”.

Tell them that we tried an amnesty for illegal aliens in 1986.

Explain to them that at present we grant citizenship to all children born on U.S. soil.

Tell them that the price of labor goes down when there is an excess of that commodity.

Explain that many people want to create a “nation with in a nation” and that English is an optional language in Georgia. Let them hear what Mario Obledo, a founder of MALDEF has to say about that nation within a nation. Mention that state senator Sam Zamarripa currently serves on the national board of MALDEF.

Then…send them this from

The Christian Science Monitor

No such thing as ‘temporary workers’
By Michael S. Teitelbaum and Philip L. Martin

“President Bush has recently been promoting his proposals for a large temporary worker program as a way to effectively enforce immigration laws. As Mr. Bush presents it, such a program to address growing concerns over the flow of illegal workers would rest securely on a “win-win” basis in the following ways…

Why is a guest-worker program being pushed? Because some employer and ethnic lobbies expect to benefit substantially and rapidly. There would be costs, but these would be slower to appear, and would be paid for by the federal and local governments rather than by the interest groups that benefit. The result is politics driven by small, concentrated, and well-financed interest groups that expect to profit significantly in the short term.”

Ask them whose side they think the president is on…really.