December 6, 2005

Mexican illegal immigration into the U.S. not caused by unemployment – Pew Hispanic Center

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Pew has done it now…most illegal aliens from Mexico already have jobs, they simply want higher wages.

[This probably won’t be a big talking point from state senator Sam Zamarripa and the rest of the illegal alien lobby at the Georgia Capitol this winter.]

What a concept, too bad Americans are denied higher wages in America. Hmmm, maybe if we make the wages the same here as in Mexico, illegal immigration will go away?

[Or…maybe if we erase the border illegal immigration will go away – or is that what we are seeing?]

They make an average of $300.00 a week and are frequently un-employed. Here in the U.S..
Is that why we must pay their medical bills from our tax dollars?

Labor shortage anyone? Amnesty anyone? No Borders anyone?

Pew Hispanic Center Report: Unemployment Plays Small Role in Spurring Mexican Migration to U.S.

Washington, DC – The vast majority of undocumented migrants from Mexico were gainfully employed before they left for the United States, according to a Pew Hispanic Center report released today. The report suggests that failure to find work at home does not seem to be the primary reason that the estimated 6.3 million undocumented migrants from Mexico have come to the U.S.