January 13, 2018

“Some people in Roswell, Georgia feel that President Trump’s (reported) sentiment disrespected their heritage” – El Salvador according to woman living in USA from WSBTV News

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January 12, 2018

Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon has introduced his official English legislation – Senate Resolution 587

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Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon, author and sponsor of SR587  photo: Georgia senate


Thank you, to state Senator Josh McKoon and his 30-ish co-signers!

The politicians under the Gold Dome can vote to allow us to answer the below question on the ballot when we vote in November. It must pass the state senate and the state house with a 2/3rds majority. If you want the ability to vote on it, you need to tell your state legislators every week from now until March. Senate contact info here. House contact info here.

You will know when you run up on a dishonest, anti-English opponent when they describe this as “English only.” It isn’t English only, it is English as official. Comprende? 

Proposed ballot question:

“Shall the constitution of Georgia be amended to provide that English is the official language of the State of Georgia?”

YES or NO.



Pew: U.S. media bias ranks worst in the world

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Pew: US media bias ranks worst in the world

More than in any other country, Americans on both sides of the political aisle believe the media does a poor job covering political issues fairly, according to a blockbuster new survey of media consumption in 38 nations.

What’s more, the Pew Research Center’s study found that supporters of President Trump believe the media is doing a worse job covering politics than the supporters of any of the other international political leaders in countries surveyed.


“Large gaps in ratings of the media emerge between governing party supporters and non-supporters. On the question of whether their news media cover political issues fairly, for example, partisan differences appear in 20 of the 38 countries surveyed. In five countries, the gap is at least 20 percentage points, with the largest by far in the U.S. at 34 percentage points,” said Pew.

The survey found that just 21 percent of Americans supportive of Trump and Republicans believe the media is fair. Some 55 percent of those who don’t back Trump also believe the media is fairly covering politics in the U.S.

In every other case, those numbers are flipped, said Pew. More here.


Gang of Six “Deal” on DACA Is Not Serious – Proposal provides no net decrease in chain migration

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Center for Immigration Studies

January 12, 2018

Gang of Six “Deal” on DACA Is Not Serious

Proposal provides no net decrease in chain migration

Washington, D.C. (January 12, 2018) – A group of six senators has come up with what they call a “bipartisan deal” on a DACA amnesty, but judging by details obtained by the Center, the aim is actually maximum amnesty, minimum border security and no cuts to legal immigration, and not a good faith effort to reach a deal with either the House of Representatives or the President.

Here’s what they propose:

Amnesty for Dreamers, meaning DACA beneficiaries and other illegal aliens who arrived before June 15, 2012 (or claim to have) and were younger than age 17 (or claim to be) but did not qualify for or obtain DACA benefits. It is uncertain how much larger than the DACA program this amnesty would be.

DACA beneficiaries would have a period of conditional permanent residency, which may be lifted upon completing at least two years of college or military service or three years of work, or may simply lead directly to eligibility for citizenship after at least 10 years (or 12 if they did not have DACA).

The Dreamer amnesty would allow waivers for certain criminal convictions that exist under current law, if deemed to be “in the public interest.”

Applicants for the program would have to pay up on any federal tax liability, if they had a DACA work permit, but not if they worked illegally prior to legalization. Does this mean that a lot of DACA beneficiaries have not been paying their taxes all these years?

The Gang of Six claims to address chain migration concerns by barring legalized Dreamers from sponsoring their parents for green cards. Instead, they give the parents instant, indefinitely renewable legal status and work permits, thus exacerbating the labor market disruption and fiscal costs of the presence of these illegal aliens…read the complete version here, with educational links.

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Driving Illegal Immigrants To Canada

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Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Driving Illegal Immigrants To Canada


January 11, 2018

“The recent crackdown on 7-Eleven stores sent an electric shock through the American economy that was felt all the way up to the Canadian border. As Trump cranks up pressure on employers hiring undocumented aliens, those undocumented aliens and others who are losing their status in the U.S. are looking for alternatives. One such promising alternative, at least according to recent trends, has been to migrate to Canada.

There is no doubt Trump is cracking down on immigration. The other day, President Trump decided to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for some 200,000 Salvadorans. A similar fate appears to be awaiting Hondurans in the United States. Previously Haitians and Nicaraguans had their TPS cancelled. What is more, recently, at a United Nations conference addressing global migration, U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the United States would not be continuing with the U.N. global compact on migration – another move in the Trump administration’s lock down on immigration policy.

Canada as a place of refuge for American unlawful aliens

All this is undoubtedly putting pressure on Canada which appears destined to soon become the favorite alternative for expired TPS holders and illegal immigrants. The influx of approximately 15,000 alien asylum seekers crossing the US-Canadian border last year put an unexpected strain on Canadian society . For example, in Montreal, the Olympic stadium was converted into a “temporary welcome center” housing the asylum seekers. With the U.S. cancellation of Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans coming into full effect on July 22, 2019, the Canadian government now has eighteen months to prepare for another potential swarm of illegal border crossings in that regard, in addition to the other streams that may be headed northward in the months ahead…” More here.

The liberal AJC did it again – changed “illegal aliens” to “illegal immigrants in my letter published today

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I don’t write “illegal immigrants” – the term used here and by the IRS, SCOTUS, various presidential executive orders and the state and fed law enforcement  is “illegal aliens.” See for yourself, here.

photo: AJC

Note: The last time they did this, I received an apology and a promise that it would not happen again…

Readers Write: Jan. 12 (2018) Here.

 President should stick to word on immigration

Having heard him in Tuesday’s open meeting with congressional leaders focused on immigration policy, it is alarmingly clear that President Trump is having great difficulty keeping a continuous train of thought on inflicting another immigration amnesty on Americans who trusted him on the issue.

President Trump should seek guidance from candidate Trump on amnesty for illegal immigrants and remember that it was his relentless pro-American promises on immigration that got him elected.

“We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. There will be no amnesty. Our message to the world will be this: You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country,” said Donald Trump in August 2016.

I am thumbing through the “Art of the Deal” to find where expert author Trump advises less-skilled negotiators to say “I’ll sign whatever you bring me” as he did Tuesday.


For Jeremy Redmon, Greg Bluestein and the liberal AJC editors, anti-enforcement radicals are “civil rights activists” – got that?

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photo: AJC

Georgia cities limiting cooperation with ICE amid Trump’s crackdown

 By Jeremy Redmon and Greg Bluestein – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

 Thursday, October 12, 2017

“Civil rights activists are pushing communities across the nation to limit their cooperation with federal deportation officers. They are keeping their phone lines ringing. They are packing their City Council meetings. And they are drafting model rules for them to adopt.

Those efforts are catching fire in the Atlanta area now that President Donald Trump is carrying out a broad crackdown on illegal immigration. Since May, three Georgia cities — Atlanta, Clarkston and Decatur — have adopted measures in favor of restricting their interactions with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Here.  — See also here. 

SPLC, Project South Anti-borders protest in Atlanta, Jan 2016 DIS

January 11, 2018

Video – Teenage girl who sought to avenge the death of her boyfriend pleaded guilty to a brutal MS-13 gang-related murder

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Candidate for president Donald Trump on DACA, August, 2016 – “We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties..”

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photo TimesofIndia.com

Immigration quote:

“We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants” a campaign event in August 2016, promising to end DACA as well as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents.

That speech echoed the promise Trump made when he launched his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015. “I will immediately terminate President Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration, immediately,” he said at that time.


Immigration quote: Health care for illegal aliens…

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