February 10, 2017

“sure-to-come, weather-vane swivels in his “strongly held” opinions that week” – How is Bob Barr still relevant? We love letters to the editor! This one in the MDJ

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Letter to the editor
Marietta Daily Journal   
February 10, 2017

How is Bob Barr still relevant?


Here at our house, we were surprised to see the MDJ has made Bob Barr a regular columnist. What decade is this again? This should be amusing, if anyone pays attention.

I hope that someone reads all of Barr’s columns, if only to be able to note the sure-to-come, weather-vane swivels in his “strongly held” opinions that week.

Those who watched him go from a Republican congressman who voted for immigration enforcement in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to being an “open borders if you say you aren’t a terrorist” Libertarian candidate for president and then back to a GOP candidate for congress in 2014 who had two simultaneous and opposite positions on e-Verify worker verification know that for Barr, there is no firm ground on many topics. Especially immigration.

Our prediction is he soon will try to strike fear in the hearts of readers with a “worker shortage” theory, comes out in support of an immigration amnesty and for increasing already too-high legal immigration numbers.

We remember that the MDJ endorsed him for Congress two years ago, but by putting Barr in a regular opinion page spot the “conservative voice” of the MDJ op-ed page is most certainly devolving.

That is as polite as we can make it.

Someone will undoubtedly read Barr’s columns and shifting opinions, but we won’t.

Bill Buckler


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