July 16, 2019

The AJC posted this photo today – some copy/photo editor may be looking for a job soon

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To whoever at the AJC posted this pic, we salute you! A great reminder on what the real agenda is and who we are fighting!

In case somebody is not aware of what the Workers World Party is, we include this from Wikipedia:

–>The Workers World Party (WWP) is a revolutionary Marxist–Leninist political party in the United States[1] founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP)


More than 100 protest outside Atlanta ICE field office

Story here. 

Video: Obama tells the world that economic migrants are not eligible for asylum – was this “racist?”

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July 15, 2019

Memorandum from DHS Secretary John Kelly and Executive Order, ‘Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States’ – 287(g)

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Click on Title below to view the actual EXECUTIVE ORDER – Issued January 25, 2017. We like Section 8:

Sec. 8. Federal-State Agreements. It is the policy of the executive branch to empower State and local law enforcement agencies across the country to perform the functions of an immigration officer in the interior of the United States to the maximum extent permitted by law.

(a) In furtherance of this policy, the Secretary shall immediately take appropriate action to engage with the Governors of the States, as well as local officials, for the purpose of preparing to enter into agreements under section 287(g) of the INA (8 U.S.C. 1357(g)).

(b) To the extent permitted by law and with the consent of State or local officials, as appropriate, the Secretary shall take appropriate action, through agreements under section 287(g) of the INA, or otherwise, to authorize State and local law enforcement officials, as the Secretary determines are qualified and appropriate, to perform the functions of immigration officers in relation to the investigation, apprehension, or detention of aliens in the United States under the direction and the supervision of the Secretary. Such authorization shall be in addition to, rather than in place of, Federal performance of these duties.

(c) To the extent permitted by law, the Secretary may structure each agreement under section 287(g) of the INA in a manner that provides the most effective model for enforcing Federal immigration laws for that jurisdiction.

Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States




Click on Memorandum to view full document. We like the bottom half of Section B:

To the greatest extent practicable, the Director of ICE and Commissionerof CBP shall expand the 287(g) Program to include all qualified law enforcement agencies that request to participate and meet all program requirements. In furtherance ofthis direction and theguidance memorandum, “Implementing the President’s Border Security and ImmigrationEnforcement Improvements Policies” (Feb. 20, 2017), the Commissioner of CBP is authorized, in addition to the Director ofICE, to accept State services and take other actions as appropriate tocarry out immigration enforcement pursuant to section 287(g) o f the INA.




GA Gang Insurance Commissioner – June 16, 2019

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July 12, 2019

Video Texas Rep. Chip Roy speaks on the border

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July 8, 2019

Brian – “I got a big truck” – Kemp #Georgiafornia Brian Kemp

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July 6, 2019

Discover the Networks – Michael Eric Dyson

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Image: New York Times

Michael Eric Dyson

Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University

Expert in “gangsta rap” and hip-hop music

Condemned Bill Cosby’s assertion that black Americans should embrace education, be more law-abiding, and learn to speak proper English

Member of the Democratic Socialists of America

Believes that the 9/11 attacks were “predictable to a degree due to America’s past imperialistic practices, and how it is viewed by other countries”

Born in Detroit, Michigan n October 23, 1958, Michael Eric Dyson is an ordained Baptist minister and a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, whose faculty he joined in 2007. He has also taught at the University of North Carolina, Columbia University, DePaul University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Into much of his teaching, Dyson incorporates his expertise in hip-hop music and “gangsta rap.” Says Dyson: “Gangsta rap often reaches higher than its ugliest, lowest common denominator. Misogyny, violence, materialism, and sexual transgression are not its exclusive domain. At its best, this music draws attention to complex dimensions of ghetto life ignored by most Americans. . . . Indeed, gangsta rap’s in-your-face style may do more to force America to confront crucial social problems than a million sermons or political speeches.”

In 1996 Dyson published Between God and Gangsta Rap, which laments the “miserable plight of black men in America,” and calls “[t]he demonization of gangsta rappers” merely “a convenient excuse for cultural and political elites to pounce on a group of artists who are easy prey.”

In 2001 Dyson published Holler if You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur, about the life of the late rapper who he lauded as a black Jesus figure. In the book, Dyson writes that Shakur’s “stirring raps made many people see suffering they had never before acknowledged. It helped many desperately unhappy young people reclaim a sense of hope and humanity.”

A member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Dyson joined such notables as Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich in speaking at the organization’s 17th Annual Socialist Scholars Conference in 1999.

At a forum organized by Academics for Mumia Abu-Jamal in 1999, Dyson said that “the Mumia Abu-Jamal case is about the person who is able to articulate the interests of minority people not only in terms of color, but in terms of ideology.” “It is about the repression,” he added, “of left-wing, progressive, insightful cultural criticism and political and moral critique aimed at the dominant hegemonic processes of American capitalism and the American state as evidenced in its racist, imperialist and now we might add homophobic and certainly its patriarchal practices.”

In August 2000, Dyson was a featured speaker at the Los Angeles Shadow Convention’s Drug Policy Reform Day, a gathering of anti-War on Drugs activists, Democratic Progressive Caucus members, and leftist celebrities who condemned existing drug laws as discriminatory and racist. Among those in attendance were Jesse Jackson, Al Franken, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Tom Hayden.

According to Dyson, the 9/11 terrorist attacks were “predictable to a degree, due to America’s past imperialistic practices and how it is viewed by other countries.” “What I am against,” he elaborated, “is the hypocrisy of a nation [the U.S.] that would help train bin Laden by funneling millions from the CIA to Afghan rebels to put down the Soviets, and now switching sides to funnel money to the Soviets to stop the spread of fundamentalism.”

When asked how Tupac Shakur, were he still alive, would have viewed the 9/11 attacks, Dyson replied: “I think that Tupac would say, ‘What business do we have being in Arab nations when the tentacles of colonialism and capitalism suck the lifeblood of native or indigenous people?’ . . . He would have had questions about who really was the thug. He would have said that America has ignored the vicious consequences of its imperialistic practices across the world. America ignores how millions of people suffer on a daily basis throughout the world, except in isolated spots that involve so-called national interests. Thirdly, that America has forfeited its duty as global policeman, by virtue of its own mistreatment of black people.”

Dyson reacted passionately to a February 26, 2012 incident in Sanford, Florida, in which a “white Hispanic” neighborhood-watch captain named George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old African American named Trayvon Martin. When Zimmerman was subsequently acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in a July 2013 trial, Dyson said: “So, you know how you felt on 9/11? Yeah, that’s how we [blacks] feel when it comes to race… Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see.” More here.

July 5, 2019

Mark Krikorian’s Keynote Speech at Mount Vernon Naturalization Ceremony

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Image: MtVernon.org

Keynote Speech at Mount Vernon Naturalization Ceremony

Mark Krikorian spoke at the annual July 4 ceremony in George Washington’s historic home

By Mark Krikorian on July 4, 2019

Congratulations, Americans!

You’ve come a long way since you first got here. Whether you came on foot or by bus, or a ship or by airplane, you arrived here as strangers — many of you didn’t know the language, some didn’t have any friends or family here, and all of you were at least a little bit nervous about starting a new life in a new country.

Back in the 1600s, when George Washington’s great-grandfather John Washington crossed the ocean, newcomers who didn’t die of disease or insects or what have you in the first year — were considered “seasoned,” and so they were thought likely to survive and build a new life for themselves.

Although dangerous disease isn’t the problem here it once was (though Lord knows the insects are still bad), new immigrants still have a lot to learn, and can have some awkward and embarrassing experiences along the way. My grandfather, for instance, came to this country as a teenager before World War I. He arrived in Boston, and a relative outside the city told him to go to the train station and take the first “car” — meaning the streetcar — to their town. But his relative, like many of you, was already using English words in his Armenian, and used the English word “car,” meaning train car. Unfortunately, my grandfather didn’t know any English, and thought his relative had meant the Armenian word pronounced “car,” which means rock or stone. My grandfather somehow got to his relative’s house, knocked on the door, and said “Hi, here’s the rock — what’s it for?”

Those kinds of problems are behind you now — you’ve learned how to find an apartment, file a tax return, and open a bank account. But as comfortable as you’ve been living in America, until a few minutes ago you weren’t Americans. When you had breakfast this morning, you were Polish or Vietnamese or Burkinabe or Peruvian — but you’ll have lunch as Americans. Not many countries in the world allow that kind of thing; an Irishman, after all, can’t move to China and become a Chinese; a Mexican become a Nigerian. And yet each of you, from whatever country, has now become an American, as good as any other.

This matter of taking American citizenship, becoming part of the American people, is not like changing your clothes or buying a new car. Instead, this is a permanent and very serious thing you do, more like getting married or starting a family.

In the Jewish faith, a person who converts is considered to have been present in spirit when Moses came down with the Ten Commandments 4,000 years ago, even though that person’s ancestors were not physically there. In a non-religious version of this idea, once you took your oath of citizenship, you become present in spirit, along with all other Americans, at the defining events of your new nation’s history:

The Indian immigrant who became an American this morning was present in spirit when GeorgeWashington signed the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, even though that immigrant’s ancestors weren’t in the room and weren’t even in the country;

The Salvadoran immigrant who became an American today was present in spirit at the Battle of Gettysburg, where our Union was saved 156 years ago yesterday, even though her own ancestors, like my own, were not among the soldiers;

And the Danish immigrant who became an American today was present in spirit at Martin Luther King Junior’s “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, even though his ancestors weren’t there either.

You’ve now been adopted into America’s family. This family isn’t tied just by blood relations, but also by common ideals, a common language, a common history, and common culture of many parts — what President Lincoln called the “mystic chords of memory.” That history is now your history, as well.

We welcome you as our newest countrymen. We entrust part of our nation’s future to you. We ask only that you love America, cherish America, honor her, protect her, embrace her, salute her, hold her dear. God bless you, and God bless America.   Here.

July 3, 2019

D.A. King in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Expand local immigration enforcement efforts, funding

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Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway – CSPAN



July 2, 2019

Expand local immigration enforcement efforts, funding

D.A. King

In 2000, illegal alien Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez had multiple contacts with various local law enforcement agencies for traffic violations but was allowed to go on his way each time. On Father’s Day weekend that year, Billy Inman’s Woodstock family was permanently separated when Harrell-Gonzalez’s speeding car crashed into the rear of Inman’s vehicle stopped at a red light. Sixteen year-old Dustin died instantly. His mom Kathy suffered permanent and severe brain injury that put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Literally thousands of American families have suffered separations at the hands of illegal aliens.

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