August 12, 2016

Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon speaks on the Tim Bryant radio show (WAGU AM), Wednesday, August 10, 2016 Drivers licenses to illegal aliens – transcript

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Tim Bryant, host: As I understand it, passed in the senate, died in the house, uh, would have changed the way these undocumented immigrants are documented for driving purposes for driving in Georgia. What would that have done, and assuming you try it again next year, what will it do?

Sen. McKoon:[00:01:00] Well, we uh, were originally were just trying to outright prohibit the issuance of any driving document to folks without legal uh, status. And so, we wound up compromising and agreeing on allowing a driver’s safety card to issue to these individuals so they could at least drive, but it would be distinguishable from the drivers licence that’s issued to uh, Georgia citizens. And the reason for that being, you and I both know a driver’s licence isn’t just used uh, to be a be able to show that you’re lawfully able to drive, it’s used, sort of the gold standard of identification. In my line of work as a an attorney I have to present a driver’s licence to enter the secure area of a federal courthouse, people use them to rent cars, purchase explosives, um, there are all kinds of uses for a Georgia driver’s licence and the fact that we were simply, and are continuing now to issue them to people who we really can’t verify who they are or where they’re from is a serious public safety concern.

Tim Bryant: And evidently we’re going to do more of that now. The settlement this week, and it’s bring us up to today, the Georgia Drivers Services Department, what we used to call the DMV, has stopped asking immigrants who have federal work permits and are applying for green cards to submit proof of legal admission before they can get state driver’s licences. That’s a court settlement. They don’t have to document themselves for the purpose of getting those keys to the kingdom, that driver’s licence you’re talking about.

Sen. McKoon:[00:02:00] Exactly. And, and keep in mind that every illegal alien who has received deferred action from President Obama fits this category. They’ve all been given federal work permits, they’ve all been give social security numbers, conceivably all of them could be applying for permanent resident status. And that’s over 100,000 people in Georgia alone, so the notion that this is just about a handful of people who are here legally is not true. Um, we’re talking about people who have never been able to demonstrate that they were, uh, that they were in the United States legally, but now essentially the drivers, uh department of drivers services is going to be forced to issue these, and it’s because of our failure to pass legislation like senate bill six. The legislature needs to act on this, I understand why DDS entered into this settlement because frankly under current state law they didn’t have, uh, a good leg to stand on legally. So we need to give them that by passing senate bill six, or a bill like it next year.

[00:03:00]Jennifer Pointer co-host:Senator McKoon, uh, do you think it is um, not an an upside to this, or an upside that at least if the illegal aliens have driver’s licence, we’ll know their address, we’ll know… we’ll have their picture ID, we’ll know their location, and so we have more of a, I guess a track record on them than we do now.

Sen. McKoon:[00:04:00] I think that, y’know, there’s some assumptions being made there about what information is provided and the accuracy of the information that’s being provided. I mean there’s a lot of well documented, uh, cases where these licences are being issued to people and then they’re used, they’re attempted to be used to cast votes. North Carolina had a big problem with that. We’re also again issuing these identity cards to people who, y’know we don’t really know where they’re from. We don’t really know their background, and frankly I think that creates other security issues. So, I think that the dangers of issuing these licences far outweigh any marginal benefit for the few that might accurately report where they’re living on the driver’s licence.

Tim Bryant: No, we have to connect a lot of dots it seems to me Senator McKoon, to make the voter fraud case. You referenced concerns about that in North Carolina. What what we have to do I think, or what we have to believe is that you gotta, you’ve some kind of concerted effort to get people to get people to enter this country illegally, that is not without some risk, to get here, to go through the process of getting themselves a driver’s licence for the purposes of illegally registering to vote, and then going and actually casting ballots. That’s a lot of stuff. I mean are many people, is there a concern that many people are going to be doing that?

McKoon:[00:05:00] Well, as I said, there were documented cases of this happening in North Carolina. Is that the only reason people are trying to get these driver’s licences, absolutely not. Uh, but again, the question we’ve got to start asking ourselves is, y’know drive- the issuance of a Georgia driver’s licence is not a right, its a privilege. And the notion that we’re going to hand them out not just to people who aren’t citizens but to people who came into the country illegally and who still do not have lawful status in the country, uh, to me is just uh, it’s bad public policy. And I think its part of a sort of incremental move by folks on the left to erode any distinction of citizenship.

[00:06:00] We’ve seen out in California these moves now to allow illegal aliens to actually stand for local elected offices. We’re seeing moves here in Georgia to draw districts, uh, commission districts in Gwinnett county, in part based on the population of illegal aliens in Gwinette county. Uh, we saw a bill last year that was offered by Brad [Rathensburger 00:05:50] to limit boards and commissions uh memberships to US citizens that couldn’t get passed through the general assembly. All these things in my opinion are part of a broader agenda uh by open borders activists, and people that essentially want to erode any distinction that’s made between a US citizen, and someone who’s broken our law to enter the country illegally.

Jennifer Pointer: So Senator McKoon, are those some of the dangers that you were talking about earlier when you said that you think the dangers of this uh, outweigh the benefits?

McKoon:[00:07:00] Yes, I mean I think that’s definitely part of it. I think part of it, it’s very real uh, the concern from a security standpoint, uh that someone who comes into the country illegally, uh, intending to do harm to this country, intending to commit some kind of act of terrorism. Uh, for them to be able to get their hands on a driver’s licence and access secure areas of government buildings, rent vehicles, purchase explosives, those are all things that we, we ought to be trying to prevent. We should not be uh, making ourselves an even more soft target than we already are. And so, again, to issue these driver’s licences where the average citizen’s got to go get their original birth certificate, social security card, there are all these real…

Jennifer Pointer: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Sen. McKoon: …ID requirements, all these illegal aliens have to do is go to the consulate, get some identity documents issued and plop ’em before DDS and bam, they’ve got a driver’s licence. That just doesn’t make common sense, and so that’s why, y’know, we’ll be coming back next year, uh, myself and other legislators, to try and tighten up our laws, so that, uh, right now I think that the number is over 20,000 illegals that have these driver’s licence, by the end of the year maybe that number is double because of this decision.

Tim Bryant: All right, Senator Josh McKoon, you answered the question I was gonna ask, another bite out of the apple that is senate bill six, or something very much like it in 2017, you’re planning for that?

Sen. McKoon:Absolutely, I mean I think this is a real and present danger, I think it’s something that we’ve got to address for the multiple reasons we’ve talked about this morning, um, and whether it’s myself sort of leading the charge on it or other members of the general assembly. A number of general assembly members have contacted me since this decision issued, there’s a lot of new interest in this, so I certainly expect well see it next year.

Tim Bryant: Senator Josh McKoon, thanks so much for your time this morning.

Jennifer Pointer: Yes, thank you.

Sen. McKoon: Thank you for having me.

Members, Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission

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Judicial Nominating Commission
State of Georgia
Attention: Dana McGuire
600 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 5200
Atlanta, Georgia 30308-2216
Telephone: 404-885-2696
Fax: 404-962-6919

All Members of the Georgia Judicial Nominating Commission (ā€œJNCā€) shall act in accordance with the following protocols.

1. The JNC does not select or pick judges; this is a power reserved exclusively to the Governor.

2. No Member may receive anything of value from any applicant (a person who has an application for consideration for appointment to a vacant judgeship) while their application is pending.

3. No Member shall receive anything of value in exchange for their support or vote for an applicant.

4. No Member shall communicate any information received during any part of the process that has been deemed ā€œconfidentialā€ by the Co-Chairs.

5. No Member of the Commission other than the Co-Chairs is authorized to speak for or comment on the work of the JNC.

6. No Member of the JNC shall have the legal authority, whether by agency or otherwise, to bind the JNC or any member of State government to anything.

7. Each Member is responsible for complete and total compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and Codes of Professional Conduct.

Judicial Nominating Commission

  • Note, all members are appointed by the Governor.


J. Randolph Evans, Esq.
McKenna Long LLP
303 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 5300
Atlanta, GA 30308-3265

Pete Robinson, Esq.
Troutman Sanders LLP
600 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 5200
Atlanta, GA 30308-2216

Mary Paige Adams, Esq.
FTI Consulting
1201 W. Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30309

Christopher Carr, Esq.
Georgia Department of Economic Development
75 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30308

Dennis T. Cathey, Esq.
Cathey & Strain, P.C.
649 Irvin Street
P. O. Box 689
Cornelia, GA 30531

Scott D. Delius, Esq.
Delius Law Firm, P.C.
2020 Howell Mill Road, Suite C-290
Atlanta, GA 30318

Arthur B. “Skin” Edge IV, Esq.
GeorgiaLink Public Affairs Group
98 Mitchell Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Robert S. Highsmith, Jr., Esq.
Holland & Knight LLP
One Atlantic Center, Suite 2000
1201 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Darren R. Jones, Esq.
United Parcel Service
55 Glenlake Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30331

William T. Mitchell, Esq.
Cruser & Mitchell LLP
275 Scientific Drive, Suite 2000
Norcross, GA 30092

Patrick T. O’Connor, Esq.
Oliver Maner LLP
P. O. Box 10186
Savannah, GA 31412

Hon. Samuel S. Olens
Office of Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

Jonathan Pannell, Esq.
Gray Pannell & Woodward LLP
24 Drayton Street, Suite 1000
Savannah, GA 31401

Charles E. Peeler, Esq.
Flynn Peeler & Phillips LLC
517 W. Broad Avenue, P.O. Box 7
Albany, GA 31702

Lee W. O. Shafer, Esq.
Wall Shafer, P.C.
Suite 400
3635 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Duluth, Georgia 30096

Patty S. Veazey, Esq.
Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP
2402 North Tift Avenue, Suite 101
Tifton, GA 31794

Hon. Rebecca “Ashley” Wright
Augusta Judicial Circuit
735 James Brown Boulevard, Suite 2400
Augusta, GA 30901

August 11, 2016

Georgia DDS – July 1, 2015: “We don’t issue cards to illegal aliens”

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  • From: D.A. King []
    Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 11:18 AM
    To: Nealey, Donna
    Cc: Josh McKoon
    Subject: addition to request from May Re: Another request for DDS, please

Donna, please ask DDS to also send an image (front and back) of the Georgia ID card they issue to deferred action illegal aliens.


  • On Jul 1, 2015, at 11:23 AM, Nealey, Donna <> wrote:

I am not sure if this request from earlier got overlooked since we hadĀ about three in at the same time.

Please see the string of emails below.


Donna Nealey – Senate Legislative Assistant


  • From: Mitchell, Michael

Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2015 12:15 PM
To: Nealey, Donnaā€ØSubject: Re: addition to request from May Re:

Another request for DDS, please

We don’t issue cards to illegal aliens.

Sent from my iPhone

Note from D.A. King: Michael Mitchell isĀ Legislative Liaison
Georgia Department of Driver Services

August 10, 2016

FAST FACT: U.S. cities are hiring illegal aliens as police officers because Obama has given them illegal executive amnesty – fear not, this can never happen in Georgia…right?

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“As USA Today explained, current policies vary across departments. At the Chicago police department, immigrants who can legally work in the United States are allowed to seek employment as officers. On its website, the Chicago Police Department indicates that it hires foreign citizens so long as they have an employment authorization document (EAD) that allows them to legally work in the country. Such immigrants include those granted temporary legal presence under the presidentā€™s 2012 executive action known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”



FAST FACT: Illegal aliens out number Black Americans at University of California – Merced

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UC Merced: Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Black Students


Dax Lopez 2016 –Letter of opposition to GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, Dax Lopez, from Robert Trent, Senior Special Agent (Ret), U.S. Immigration Service Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the members of the state Judicial Nominating Commission

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August 11, 2016

Dear Governor Deal,

I was recently informed that Dax Lopez is being considered for a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court, if this is true, it is truly unfortunate for all Georgians. Mr. Lopez has served on the Board of GALEO, a radical activist organization that supports illegal immigration and strongly opposes immigration law enforcement. They also support open borders and illegal aliens.

GALEO currently supports the hiring of non-U.S. Citizens to be police officers, a dangerous and unnecessary thing to do during these trying times where we have global terrorism. We need to be tightening up on our security and safety, not providing the keys to the kingdom to those that havenā€™t taken an oath to serve, protect Americans, and defend our constitution.

Mr. Lopez with GALEO has:

-Organized and participated in marches in the streets of Atlanta demanding and end to any enforcement of American immigration laws;

-Lobbied against Georgia sheriffs cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement authorities and congratulated sheriffs for refusing to honor ICE detainers served on criminal deportable aliens;

-And lobbied against any state laws that inhibit the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment.

Dax Lopez harbors these radical views, which would serve to influence his judicial decisions to the detriment of all Georgians. I hope the commission can find other nominees that donā€™t have an agenda such as the one displayed by Mr. Lopez.


Robert M. Trent
Senior Special Agent (Ret.)
U.S. Immigration Service

CC: Judicial Nomination Commission

Dax Lopez, 2016 — Letter of opposition to GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, Dax Lopez, from Union County Sheriff Mack Mason to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the members of the state Judicial Nominating Commission

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Dax Lopez, 2016 — Letter of opposition to GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, Dax Lopez, from Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway to members of the state Judicial Nominating Commission

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Dax Lopez 2016 — Letter of opposition to GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, Dax Lopez, from Gwinnett County Butch Conway to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

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Death by illegal alien – News suppression again, WSB-TV Action News fails to mention suspect in fatal hit and run has an ICE hold and is almost certainly an illegal alien

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Gwinnett authorities confirm for us today that this prisoner has an ICE hold. It is normal that MSM outlets hide these facts when reporting on dead Americans. See also HERE and HERE.

WSB-TV News, Atlanta

Police arrest suspect in fatal hit-and-run in Norcross
Updated: Aug 9, 2016

NORCROSS, Ga. (AP) ā€” Gwinnett County police have arrested a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash in Norcross.
Police say 44-year-old Carlos Hernandez-Tecata, of Lilburn, struck a pedestrian on Sunday night in the 6100 block of South Norcross Tucker Road.

According to a preliminary investigation, a woman was trying to cross the roadway when she was struck by a dark colored pickup truck that drove off after striking her.

Police are withholding the name of the victim until her next of kin has been notified.

Hernandez-Tecata was arrested Tuesday and is facing charges that include driving without a license, felony hit-and-run and felony vehicular homicide.

Police did not say how they were able to locate Hernandez-Tecata.

It was not immediately known if he has a lawyer. HERE

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