February 5, 2015

Don’t let the illegal aliens and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce run our state! Help pass SB 6 in Republican-controlled Georgia – to end practice of issuing drivers licenses to any illegal aliens

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Help pass SB 6 in Republican-controlled Georgia – to end practice of issuing drivers licenses to any illegal aliens

Important action needed today and all week!
Calls and emails to the Georgia state Senate needed to support SB 6

Georgia is issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. To end that practice, SB 6 has officially been filed and has twelve sponsors, including the original sponsor, Senator Josh McKoon of Columbus.

Here is a list of the state Senators who have publicly shown their support for this crucial legislation so far:

SB 6 Sponsor
Senator Josh McKoon


Steve Gooch
William Ligon
Bill Heath
PK Martin
Greg Kirk
Bruce Thompson
Marty Harbin
Frank Ginn
Michael Williams
Mike Crane
Judson Hill
Hunter Hill

For the bill to pass, it needs to have many more co-sponsors who are willing to take a public stand against issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. There are 56 state Senators in Georgia.

Including the powerful Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Ag industry lobby, SB 6 has very powerful enemies that are roaming the halls of the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta right now doing everything possible to discourage more co-signers and telling senior Senators and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to kill the bill. The open borders lobby is very busy ringing office phones in the Georgia Capitol urging that the bill die in committee.

We need more calls to produce more co-sponsors

Please take a few minutes to call your own state Senator’s office along with the offices of Senate President Pro Tem Senator David Shafer and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. If your state Senator is not on the list above, politely tell his staffer that you are watching and assume that not co-sponsoring SB 6 indicates his support for giving drivers licenses to illegals. If he is on the list, please be sure to pass on a note of thanks.

Find contact information for your own Senator HERE

When calling Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office and Senate President Pro-Tem David Shafer’s office, please tell their staffer that you want to see Georgia end the practice of issuing drivers licenses to all illegal aliens.

“Please tell the boss I called and when I vote, I will remember SB6, please get SB 6 to the floor for full vote by the Senate.”

After you call, please follow up with an email to each of the above offices.
Best address for Senate President Pro-Tem Senator David Shafer (his assistant) : anna.boggs@senate.ga.gov For the Senator: david.shafer@senate.ga.gov
Address for Lt. Governor Casey Cagle casey.cagle@ltgov.ga.gov

The illegal alien lobby is emailing your state Senator right now.