January 30, 2012

D.A. King in yesterday’s ( Sunday) edition of the Marietta Daily Journal and the Cherokee Tribune: Newt needs ‘integrity upgrade’ on immigration

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Marietta Daily Journal & the Cherokee Tribune

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newt needs ‘integrity upgrade’ on immigration

As an independent voter — and thinker — writing about the current presidential race and Republican candidates, it is always necessary to acknowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is a radical, un-American, big-government socialist who would in a second term (heaven and the ghost of Ben Franklin forbid) eventually move to greatly expand the Democratic voting base by legalizing what is likely a U.S. population of about 20 million escapee illegal aliens.

So noted.

Last week Newt Gingrich has efficiently — and one can only hope, sufficiently — exposed his true inner character and shameless absence of any sliver of integrity or core values on illegal immigration. GOP primary voters should take careful note before they end up with a choice of amnesty from Barack Obama or amnesty from 40-odd-year Washington insider Newt Gingrich.

Examine his ever devolving and pandering campaign position on legalization for illegal immigrants and where the rule of law rates on his anything-goes-list of campaign assaults in his election bid.

On Wednesday, the Grandiose One ridiculed Mitt Romney’s correct observation that immigration law enforcement results in “self-deportation,” saying the approach lacks “humanity” and “compassion” while arguing that it is unrealistic to think stronger enforcement of the nation’s laws will persuade illegal aliens to leave the nation voluntarily.

Gingrich should get out more. He should acknowledge the howls from his fellow anti-enforcement travelers over the fact that absent federal dedication, illegal aliens are fearfully vamoosing out of every state that has passed an illegal immigration enforcement law.

Including Georgia.

He also finally came clean on his plans for legalization with the “we can write a law that makes them eligible to apply for a guest-worker permit” promise he made to the foreign language press at Univision and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Florida.

Then on Thursday he showed us the depths of the real Newt by calling Mitt Romney “anti-immigrant” for Romney’s position that we should enforce the law instead of doing another legalization like Gingrich supported in 1986 and again last week.

This is the first lesson the integrity-free, leftist anti-enforcement radicals teach their mindless useful-idiot, street screamers in the “how to stop enforcement of American immigration laws” seminars: Always assert that escapee illegal aliens are victimized “immigrants.”

Compassion indeed.

Never utter the word “illegal.” In every spoken, shouted or written sentence and epithet, always blur the line between “immigrants” — a term used by the federal government to define individuals who enter the United States lawfully with the intention of permanent residence — and the millions of illegals for whom real immigrants who obey the law are merely naive rubes to be used as convenient shields.

This is followed by lesson number two: When any American shows the temerity to stand up to insist that we cannot possibly honor the millions of immigrants who obeyed the rules if we ignore those rules, and that we must equally apply our system of immigration laws to remain free and sovereign, loudly smear these bothersome dangers to the amnesty agenda as “anti-immigrant.”

Newt Gingrich could easily find work teaching the rules for radicals “how-to” amnesty course as a stand in for Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO or the hucksters at the Southern Poverty Law Center when he is done smearing Romney and by extension, all honest Americans who refuse to wave the white flag of surrender on illegal immigration.

But it would require an integrity upgrade.


D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based statewide Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration

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