February 23, 2011

The Dustin Inman Society wins a major award and endorsement from the parasitic hustlers at the SPLC !!! – D.A. King beams at the note of success and having all the right enemies!

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The Dustin Inman Society endorsed by the parasitic hustlers at the Southern Poverty Law Center!


DIS listed as a successful SPLC “nativist extremeist” group for opposing illegal immigration and illegal employment! READ about the SPLC and their cheap smears HERE and HERE!

“…Mr. (Morris) Dees, in fact, earns — or is paid, which is not necessarily the same thing — more than nearly any officer of other advocacy groups surveyed by the National Journal, more than the chairmen of the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Children’s Defense Fund.
“You are a fraud and a con man,” Stephen Bright, director of the Southern Center for Human Rights, which actually takes on dozens of death-penalty appeals for poor blacks every year, once told him. “You spend so much, accomplish so little, and promote yourself so shamelessly.”


From these discredited scumbags, this listing is a real gem of a compliment – and it proves we have all the right enemies! ( I don’t know if this is new for 2011 or a re-list, but we will take it!)

“…the SPLC defines as “nativist extremist” groups — organizations that go beyond mere advocacy of restrictive immigration policy to actually confront or harass suspected (they mean “illegal” – dak) immigrants or their employers — rose slightly, despite the fact that most of their key issues had been taken up by mainstream politicians


Ernest Wade – Letter to the editor in today’s Gwinnett Daily Post

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Letter to the editor in today’s Gwinnett Daily Post

Thanks again to D. A. King for reminding us that we need to closely watch our governor and our other elected politicians.

Don’t think for a moment that these politicians are other than political animals intent on feathering their nest and being re-elected. And don’t think for a moment that organizations like the Chambers of Commerce, the ACLU and the illegal-alien-lobby actually gives a hoot about American sovereignty or the rights of American citizenship.

The chambers of commerce want only to increase profits of their members by passing on their actual costs of doing business and social costs on to the rest of us. The ACLU has its own utopian agenda which is to destroy our traditional values. The illegal alien lobby lusts to destroy any and all immigration restrictions. And the Libertarian Party, well, they have been out to lunch for a long time especially on the immigration matter and I wonder just how they have the guts to show the American flag.

Our federal government has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy and most of our state politicians can’t be trusted out of our sight. Just like King says, we must constantly demand of our state politicians that they keep their promises. Passage of HB 87 to include enforced statewide use of E-Verify will tell us if they will keep their promises. Don’t listen to what they say but watch very carefully what they do.

— Ernest Wade



VIDEO from yesterday’s race-based rally against immigration enforcement at the Georgia Capitol

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The ACLU and other pro-illegal alien crazies held a little rally at the Georgia Capitol yesterday. Billed as representing “30 Georgia civil-rights and immigrant (illegal alien) rights groups…” it drew less than 90 people. What is that, 2.6 people per “group”. See Alinsky HERE


None, ZERO, of the speakers at this pathetic anti-enforcement rally failed to mention race, skin color or “civil/human rights” – when called on it, the race pimp from the NAACP backs up to say it is not about race…

THESE are the people who will control you if you don’t stand up for your own rights as an American and our immigration laws.

NOTE: Jeremy Redmon, the now out -in- the -open biased reporter with an agenda assigned to immigration by the AJC looked directly at this pro-enforcement American, then walked away. Another AJC story with only one side.

The other reporters, even the Creative Loafing reporter (story), came to get some balance from the pro-American side.

The same-old leftist , but shrinking – AJC: Yuuuuckkkk.

See more HERE

Make the calls to the legislature…honest.

Reporter-ette Willoughby Mariano and “fact-checking”

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Thanks to Janet for sending me a link to today’s effort to distort immigration related facts (today, it is E-Verify) from the AJC. If you get very bored, you can read it HERE. Along with dozens of others.

A HALF TRUTH IS A WHOLE LIE – Reporter-ette Willoughby Mariano and PolitiFact calling a statement made by Chamber of Commerce liarist David Raynor “half- true” is rather like reading a self analysis written by Pinocchio. She is mixing old stats with new ones. But no doubt getting praised by her editors for helping the AJC kill the HB 87 project.

For reality on E-Verify, see HERE.

And know that an estimated 16,000 employers in Georgia alone already use E-Verify voluntarily. And that an average 1000 businesses each week sign up for the no-cost save our jobs program. One of the hardest working enemies of enforcement? – The shrinking AJC.

February 20, 2011

Poll results show most in state want illegals barred from public colleges

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Athens Banner Herald

Poll results show most in state want illegals barred from public colleges

By BLAKE AUED – Athens Banner-Herald Sign up for daily e-mail news alerts

Sixty-seven percent of people polled last week by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research for the Georgia Newspaper Partnership favor a law requiring proof of legal residency to attend a Georgia college or university, while 22 percent opposed such a law and 11 percent were undecided.

The Georgia Newspaper Partnership poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. of Washington, D.C., from Sept. 13-15. Six hundred twenty-five likely voters were interviewed by telephone. Voters were randomly selected from across Georgia.

The margin for error is plus or minus 4 percentage points, which means that there is a 95 percent probability that the “true” figure would fall within that range if the entire population were sampled.

The margin for error is higher for any subgroup, such as a regional or gender groupings.
Illegal immigrant students are now allowed to attend college if they pay out-of-state tuition, but state lawmakers have said they will introduce a bill to change that policy early next year.

The poll results came as no surprise to D.A. King, founder of the anti-illegal immigrant Dustin Inman Society.

“We have a finite amount of classroom seats,” King said. “It’s always been a mystery to me for seats to go to people who are deportable at any time and cannot work upon graduation when unemployment is 10 percent.”

Read more:

Georgians may be interested to see the latest United States Border Patrol apprehension figures – D.A. King in the Gwinnett Daily Post today:We await the governor living up to his promise

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Gwinnett Daily Post

KING: We await the governor living up to his promise

Georgians may be interested to see the latest United States Border Patrol apprehension figures.

Those brave American heroes captured 463,382 people from all over the world coming across our borders illegally and uninspected in fiscal year 2010, which ended Sept. 30. Official and very optimistic estimates are that they are able to catch about one of every four or five illegal crossers.

Please take a minute to do the math. And remember that many of the illegal aliens who escaped capture have made their way to Georgia and are now taking a job and using a benefit or service here, maybe even testifying against pending bills aimed at immigration and employment enforcement in the legislative committees under the Gold Dome.

According to new General Accountability Office report, the Border Patrol only has “operational control” of 44 percent of the southern border with that paradise to our south. That’s 873 miles out of the nearly 2,000-mile border supposed to separate the U.S. and Mexico.

If we want to effectively address illegal immigration in Georgia, we must do it ourselves.

According to the DHS, most illegal immigration comes from Mexico. Georgia ranks sixth in the nation with about 480,000 illegal aliens squatting here. Many demographers tell us to double that number. DHS also reports that from 2000-2009, Georgia had the highest rate of increase in an illegal population in the nation, at 115 percent. Arizona, with fewer illegals (460,000) had an increase of 42 percent. We have an official unemployment rate of about 10 percent.

This brings me to the current ongoing debate in the Georgia Legislature on House Bill 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011.

The public comment hearings for HB 87 have concluded in the House Judiciary (non-civil) Committee. Next week they vote.

The lines between the pro-enforcement majority and the anti-enforcement special interest coalition were never on clearer display. Many shocked everyday Georgians in attendance saw for themselves the process of well-funded, professional special-interest lobbying groups vs. We the People for the first time.

The common talking point from the Libertarians, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau, the ACLU and the snarling ethnic-based illegal alien lobby this year goes like this:

“Because of the budget crisis, we can’t afford to put in place any law that would add actual teeth into the law we passed in 2006 to protect our jobs and public benefits and the rights of legal immigrants.

“Because unemployment is so high, we should not consider statewide use of the E-Verify system already in place for public employers and public works contractors. It would force too many ‘undocumented workers’ — and their dependents — to migrate out of Georgia.”

I am not making this up.

The argument goes on sort of like this: “We have found extremely, um, … ‘flexible’ laborers who will work for much less than we would have to pay legally present workers. Including construction, Americans will not do these jobs. The real answer is to pass a repeat of the 1986 federal comprehensive legalization program and create a path to citizenship for the black-market labor we are now using.”

What we are expected to overlook is the obvious hole in this nonsense. If Americans won’t do these jobs — a deeply offensive, un-American lie — who are the political bosses going to find to “do the jobs Americans will not do” were they to pass another amnesty and make the now illegal aliens into … Americans?

The battle lines on ending the ongoing defacto state amnesty, real enforcement in Georgia and the outcome of HB 87 have been drawn. On one side is much of the business community, the Farm Bureau, the ACLU, the state Democratic party and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

The pro-American worker side is made up of the rule-of-law Republicans and the majority of the residents of Georgia.

Lucky for the latter group that the new governor has repeatedly promised to use the power of his office to put in place and sign such legislation and clearly endorsed statewide use of E-Verify, which is included in HB 87, during the campaign.

But, including this one, many working Georgians wonder out loud exactly when, and now if, those promises will be kept.

We will soon see.

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society, which is pro-enforcement on American immigration laws.


February 19, 2011

Illegal alien sought for fire that killed three more kids in Georgia

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Police Seek Suspect in Meth-Fueled Fire: MyFoxATLANTA.com

Police Seek Suspect in Meth-Fueled Fire
Police search for suspect, mother charged
Updated: Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 11:26 PM EST
Published : Friday, 18 Feb 2011, 5:15 AM EST


ATLANTA - Gwinnett County fire authorities say three children who were injured in a Lilburn house fire have died. Now, they are looking for a suspect.

All three children died at Grady Hospital, one Thursday and two Friday, say Gwinnett Fire authorities.

The blaze broke out Thursday on the first floor of the Lilburn home. The children were trapped on the second level and were brought out a passerby who heard a woman screaming for her children. They were then transported to Grady Hospital.

The fire originated in a hallway between the kitchen and stairwell of the home. Chemicals used in the manufacturing of meth ignited, causing the fire, say Gwinnett fire officials.

Gwinnett police say they have identified a suspect -- Ivan Gonzales -- a Hispanic male about 5 feet, 7 inches and 190 pounds. He has a tattoo of Jesus on his leg. He is also known by an alias, John McGowan Torres.

Police say Gonzales was last seen possibly in a four door, gray or silver late model Honda Civic or Accord. When units initially arrived on the scene, they say Gonzales was trying to put out the fire with a garden hose. He appeared to be suffering from burns. He claimed the children were his and was not challenged when he left to follow the ambulance to the hospital.

Gonzales was initially picked up but never charged in connection with the stabbing deaths of two children near Lawrenceville last week, say police.

Gonzales faces carges of arson and murder, say police. The mother of the children -- Neibi Brito -- has been charged with Trafficking in Methamphetimine.

The case is being investigated by both Gwinnett Fire and Gwinnett Police.


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I recently saw a front-page section of the AJC in a local fish market. Apparently they have a new slogan. It reads “credible, compelling, complete.”

Good one.

I can remember “covers Dixie like the dew.” I count the 21st century AJC as an active and dedicated part of the anti-enforcement coalition

February 18, 2011

For a lot more news and info on pending bills in the Georgia Capitol, please see

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MEDIA ADVISORY : The Dustin Inman Society endorses SB 27 and local use of the DHS ‘IMAGE’ workforce compliance program for Georgia’s public employers and public works contractors

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MEDIA ADVISORY 19 February 2011

The Dustin Inman Society


3595 Canton Rd. A-9/337

Marietta, Ga. 30066

Contact: D.A. King 404 316 6712

The Dustin Inman Society endorses SB 27 and local use of the DHS ‘IMAGE’ workforce compliance program for Georgia’s public employers and public works contractors

Dustin Inman Society president D.A. King today announced that organization’s endorsement of the Georgia Public Works and Contractor Protection Act (SB 27) and use of the no-cost U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) workforce compliance program for all of public works contractors.

“We commend state Senator Judson Hill for introducing SB 27 and Cobb County Commissioner Bob Ott for his recent proposal that Cobb County become IMAGE certified. Both efforts, if successful, will go a long way to protecting the American and legal immigrant workers who trust that the rule of law will protect their jobs and family security” said D.A. King today. He urges careful consideration of SB 27 in the Senate and pleaded for the legislators to acknowledge the profit driven agenda of the powerful construction lobbyists who are actively opposing the bill.

From the IMAGE Website: “Undocumented workers secure jobs through fraudulent means such as presenting false documents, completing fraudulent benefit applications and stealing someone’s identity. To combat unlawful employment and reduce vulnerabilities that help illegal aliens gain such employment, ICE announced the Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program in July 2006. This program assists employers in targeted sectors develop a more secure and stable workforce. It also enhances fraudulent document awareness through education and training.”

“IMAGE certification should be a requirement for all public works contractors before their bids are considered” said King. “There is no reason that all of Georgia’s public employers should NOT begin the process of becoming IMAGE certified today…it’s a no-brainer” he added.

By voluntarily participating in the IMAGE program, companies can reduce unauthorized employment and the use of fraudulent identity documents. As part of IMAGE, ICE and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will provide education and training on proper hiring procedures, fraudulent document detection, use of the E-Verify employment eligibility verification program and anti-discrimination procedures. Employers seeking to participate in IMAGE must agree to:

Complete a self-assessment questionnaire; Enroll in E-Verify; Enroll in the Social Security Number Verification Service; Adhere to IMAGE Best Hiring Practices; Undergo a no cost I-9 audit conducted by ICE; and Review and sign an official IMAGE partnership agreement with ICE.

“As the federal government oversees and insures an I-9 audit, legislation putting the requirement for public works contractors in place will provide a no-cost method for the state to audit compliance with the spirit and letter of existing public works law in Georgia” ended King.

Mr. King also said now that the pressing issue of Sunday retail liquor sales was off the radar, more journalists would consider shifting their focus to legislation designed to protect American workers and the Georgia public from the ravages of illegal immigration and provide enforcement tools for existing Georgia laws aimed in that direction.


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