December 28, 2010

Frank Barnes of Dalton on Jerry Gonzalez speaking event:Dalton State College’s speaker procurement department seriously needs waste management training

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Jerry Gonzalez went to Dalton to try to sell an agenda of open borders and immigration enforcement opposition this month. Dalton College, which hosted the little ( and I do mean little – see this video) likely won’t be hosting a pro-American event anytime soon.

I post ths because a local citizen wrote a great letter about Jerry’s ranting to the editor that was published . I post that letter below.

I am told that Jerry began hysterically waving for security when an attendee began to present a pro-enforcement observation. Much of Jerry’s job is find a way to silence the3 majority of Americans.

Dalton Citizen
December 23, 2010

Letter: Speaker lost credibility

Friday evening, Dalton State College hosted an informational session entitled “Georgia is not Arizona.” After listening to the speaker, as he mumbled and grumbled in fear that Georgia may pass legislation regarding immigration similar to that of Arizona, one can only conclude that Dalton State College’s speaker procurement department seriously needs waste management training.

Key talking points included quoting Sen. Saxby Chambliss to the effect that Georgia’s agricultural industry will suffer if half of its work force flees or is deported. The speaker then emphasized all Georgia politicians are dishonest. Why utilize an authority one thinks is dishonest?

Some thought the speaker was seeking common ground with his audience on the subject of political honesty, but then he mentioned picking, instead of pulling up, Vidalia onions. At about this point, several attendees concluded the speaker seriously lacked knowledge about agriculture, and probably a lot of other subjects.

The speaker pulled every emotional string, and some Christmas season strings, to support his claim that Arizona’s efforts to enforce America’s immigration laws hurt all levels of education, cause family hardships and damage America’s economy, but his attempts to persuade dissolved into a simple assertion that “It’s all America’s fault.” This summary was voiced in a firm, but respectful manner by a member of the audience. Waving to campus security while whimpering that the summarizer was disruptive and should leave the session only served to dim the speaker’s abilities even more.

Neither diversity, fairness nor agendas of factions are acceptable replacements for the rule of law given us through the wisdom of America’s founding fathers in our Constitution. When the rule of law is replaced by the nature of man, America will cease to exist.

Dalton State College can do better.

Frank Barnes