June 26, 2010

Adios California…

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Roger Hedgecock — Human Events

Welcome to Maywood, Mexico

Boasting a population that is 97% Hispanic, more than half foreign born, and 40% illegal, the Los Angeles County, Calif., incorporated city of Maywood has achieved the Reconquista goal. It is now as lawless and chaotic as any place in Mexico. Maywood is a warning to every city and town in America…


June 25, 2010

Georgia state Senator John Wiles rips Regents on Colotl issue

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Senator rips Regents on Colotl issue
by Katy Ruth Camp

June 25, 2010 12:00 AM

KENNESAW – State Sen. John Wiles (R-Kennesaw) released an essay on Thursday, arguing that some applicants to Kennesaw State and Georgia’s other public colleges are being denied admission, while illegal immigrants are allowed to enroll.

“Perhaps the Board of Regents would like to explain to the 2,747 applicants who were denied admission to Kennesaw State University in 2009, just how Jessica got in but they didn’t,” Wiles wrote, referring to Jessica Colotl.

Colotl, 21, who was brought to this country as a child by her parents from Mexico, made news in May after it was learned she is an illegal immigrant and had been paying in-state tuition at KSU since 2006.

Wiles said the 2,747 figure came from KSU officials. Kennesaw State does not have a cap on its admissions, but it does have minimum requirements, Arlethia Perry-Johnson, special assistant to President Dan Papp, said in an email to the Journal.

“Any student who meets these criteria is admitted to KSU,” Perry-Johnson said. She said that 2,715 applicants were denied admission to KSU in fall 2009.

Wiles’ essay also dismissed as “nonsense” the idea that illegals may attend state universities as long as they pay the full tuition cost, and he insisted again that all students attending state universities are subsidized in part by taxpayers.

“Out-of-state tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a student in the system,” he wrote. “And even if it did, such a policy doesn’t address the unfairness of denying that admission opportunity to legal immigrants and U.S. citizens. Moreover, it remains an illegal act. The law strictly prohibits illegal aliens from receiving post-secondary education benefits.”

That contradicts Erroll Davis, chancellor of the University System of Georgia, who said this week that illegal immigrants may attend the state’s public colleges. The Board of Regents oversees the 35 colleges in the University System.

“We’re comfortable that our legal position is quite correct,” Davis said.

Wiles said in a phone interview that his editorial was written in response to an opinion piece earlier this week in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Cynthia Tucker, titled, “It’s dumb to block smart kids from going to college, even if they’re here illegally.”

“I was outraged by that,” Wiles said. “American taxpayers should only be paying for those who are in this country legally to be educated,” Wiles said.

Wiles said students should have to prove they are in the country legally before being admitted to public universities.

“They should be required to verify their nationality at the offset, and it should automatically be a part of the application,” he said. “If you can’t prove you’re a legal resident of the U.S., then you can’t take up the spot of someone who is and wants to attend the university as well. Period. Parents pay taxes for years expecting their children to be able to use those taxes to help fund their education at a public university. So when they are not given that chance and someone who has never paid taxes is, it’s just wrong.”

Earlier this week, a special residency verification committee created by the Board of Regents held its first meeting, during which the members discussed asking the Attorney General for an opinion on whether illegal immigrants may attend at all. But the committee also spent a lot of time talking about how much tuition illegal immigrants should pay.

Wiles is locked in a tight bid for reelection against fellow Republican Lindsey Tippins, and the winner will be decided in the July 20 primary. Tippins also believes illegal immigrants should be barred from attending public colleges.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Senator rips Regents on Colotl issue

Does Georgia have more illegal aliens than Arizona? – YES says Jeff Chapman and he is exactly correct

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Does Georgia have more illegal immigrants than Arizona?

PolitiFact – ‎AJC

But candidate Jeff Chapman, a state senator, went further. He stated that Georgia has actually surpassed Arizona in the number of immigrant residents who …



Rich Big Biz Types Pledge New Effort To Have More Foreign Workers While 25 Million Americans Can’t Find Full-Time Job

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Rich Big Biz Types Pledge New Effort To Have More Foreign Workers While 25 Million Americans Can’t Find Full-Time JobBy Roy Beck

Thursday, June 24, 2010 posted on NumbersUSA

The disgust of major business leaders toward unemployed Americans apparently knows no bounds. Now, we have the heads of Disney, Hewlett-Packard and other large entities joining with New York Mayor Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch promising to fight to increase foreign workers in the U.S. Seriously, what kind of dream world do they live in?

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GOP lawmakers warn of Obama scheme to grant amnesty to invaders

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Fox News

GOP lawmakers warn of Obama scheme to grant amnesty to invaders

Eight Republican senators and an independent group that supports tighter limits on immigration are warning that the Obama administration is drafting a plan to “unilaterally” issue blanket amnesty for millions of illegal [aliens] as it struggles to win support in Congress for an overhaul of immigration laws…


OPEN BORDERS ETHNIC HUSTLER: Illegal alien amnesty scheme lacks votes

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The Hill

Luis Gutierrez: Illegal alien amnesty scheme lacks votes

A leading proponent of comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty] admitted Thursday that “there are an insufficient number of Democratic votes” to pass a bill this year. — Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s (D-Ill.) comments are significant because he has aggressively pushed President Barack Obama to pass immigration reform during this Congress… HERE

Obama picks another illegal alien-coddler for key role at ICE

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Fox News

White House Picks Critic of Local Immigration Enforcement for Key Role at ICE

The Obama administration has tapped an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officials on the issue. — Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix, has been hired as the director for the U.S. ICE’s Office of State and Local Coordination. Starting July 6…


June 24, 2010

“The 12 million number is conservative – The number is much higher. Definitely higher when we’re talking about helping groups of people from Africa and Asia. Many countries”

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Question: How many people will be accepted under CIR?

Delgado: The 12 million number is conservative. This is talked about as just representing Hispanics. The number is much higher. Definitely higher when we’re talking about helping groups of people from Africa and Asia. Many countries.

Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Conference Call

June 23, 2010

Juan Hernandez: There are some who think that being against immigrants is the prevailing view among Republicans, but this is not true. We have met with many who support comprehensive immigration reform (CIR). Today, we want to talk about our meeting this month with Speaker Pelosi and others in Congress. We also went to the White House. The President has been negligent for not bringing the parties together to pass CIR.

Today, we are on another stop on our road show. We’re in Dallas at the Gateway Church where Pastor Robert Morris leads his flock. Pastor Morris is not with us today. His church sent him to a tropical place like Hawaii to celebrate his 30th anniversary. His left us a statement that his assistant will read.

Morris’ Assistant: We are aware of the obstacles the undocumented face every day. We need a workable solution that goes beyond just enforcement measures. We have been accused of being too quiet in the past. We won’t be quiet now.

Hernandez: Next is Rev. Lynn Godsey, the Texas Director of Esperanza for America. Lynn is pushing Senators Cornyn and Hutchison to support reform.

Rev. Lynn Godsey: We see the fears of the undocumented every day. All you need to do is walk into a church and see their hearts. They are not dangerous. If people would do this, perhaps they would not see them as illegals. I’m just so glad God doesn’t require a green card to show up. They’re not asking for amnesty. They’re willing to pay fines and take English classes.

We’re trying to convince Senators Cornyn and Hutchison to sit down with Democrats and do CIR. You know, the clergy have been influential. When they speak, leaders listen.

Hernandez: Next is Richard Land, the President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He was present with us at the D.C. meeting on June 9th.

Richard Land: My conclusion from that meeting is that both sides are too concerned about politics right now. We’re still trying. After the meeting, I spoke at a Southern Baptist convention, where I was warmly received. I am happy to say that HDNet did a segment on me at the convention that was very fair. It aired on June 22nd. At the end, the reporter said that our position on CIR has made some people angry. He then asked if it would split the conservative coalition. I told him that it may split the old coalition but it won’t split the new coalition. We studied the percentage of undocumented people in Southern Baptist churches and found that 1/3 to 1/2 are undocumented.

Hernandez: Next is Rev. Richard Nathan of the Vineyard Church of Columbus, Ohio.

Richard Nathan: We have found that people from 92 countries attend our church. Many of these people have been ground up by our broken immigration laws. They take too long to work. It’s like a lawyer’s full employment act. I believe that immigration unites a broad Christian coalition like no other issue. Look at the differences on gay rights or abortion. It is not sufficient to just act on securing our borders. Congress is not acting but the people in the pews are ahead of the politicians. By a 2-1 margin, evangelicals support CIR. Now we need the President and bi-partisan leaders to come together and pass it.

Hernandez: Next is Rev. Mark Gonzalez, who heads a Texas church and is the President of the Hispanic Coalition for CIR.

Mark Gonzalez: I didn’t attend the D.C. meeting in June because I was trying to influence conservatives at the Texas GOP convention. We weren’t successful in changing the Party platform, but after the convention, I had an opportunity to meet with Gov. Perry and Sen. Cornyn. Sen. Cornyn shared his approach with us and said he wants to be a part of the solution. However, some things have to happen first. Gov. Perry said he wants to obtain 50% of the Texas Hispanic vote. He will have to change to obtain that. It’s clear that leadership is looking at the issue objectively. We’re continuing to conduct community forums to reach out to conservatives.

Hernandez: Next is Father Estevan Jasso, a priest of 40 years at the All Saints Church in Fort Worth.

Estevan Jasso: Immigrants are a blessing to our country and a gift to the church. Undocumented people are building our country. They’re also a blessing financially. They will add $1.5 trillion to GDP over the next 10 years and help add 750,000 to 900,000 new jobs in the next 3 years. Immigrants are the new pioneers in our country. We need their leadership and cannot lose them. The Constitution says that children born here are citizens. We must never forget that. Our economy would lose $2.6 trillion in GDP if there was a mass deportation.

Hernandez: Rev. Samuel Rodriguez can’t be with us today so he has sent Rev. Daniel Delgado.

Daniel Delgado: Both Parties think it will take a miracle to pass CIR this year. We believe in miracles. I am concerned that politicians are taking Hispanics for granted. They say the time if not right for CIR. I don’t support a piecemeal approach but I think we can adopt measures now to build a firewall against extremism. The first step, as laid out by the Administration, is to sue Arizona and invalidate their law. The second is imposing a moratorium on raids. And the third is passage of the DREAM Act so our children won’t have to suffer.

We have been actively working to sign up new voters. Our goal is to sign up 1 million Hispanics by November.

Hernandez: We’ll take questions now.

Question: When is the right time to pass CIR?

Land: We can’t afford to wait. We need to act now to give people hope. We’re at a critical mass. Recent actions are rending the social fabric of our nation.

Delgado: People say we need to secure the border first. By some polls, 57% of Americans favor the Arizona law. But let’s look at the facts. Crime has gone down. We have greatly increased the number of Border Patrol agents and other resources. It is disingenuous to say nothing has been done. The polls are asking questions that couch the options as supporting the Arizona law or doing nothing. When you throw CIR in the mix, people support CIR by a 2-1 margin.

Question: How many people will be accepted under CIR?

Delgado: The 12 million number is conservative. This is talked about as just representing Hispanics. The number is much higher. Definitely higher when we’re talking about helping groups of people from Africa and Asia. Many countries.

Question: Why aren’t more Republicans stepping forward?

Robert Gittelson: We’re in the middle of delicate conversations now. For months, we’ve been holding meetings in D.C., especially on the conservative side. A number of Republican Senators, in their heart of hearts, would help us pass CIR but they don’t want to step out of the shadows now. They said we need true leadership from the White House. If the President would really help, they would step forward. We met with Valerie Jarrett at the White House and told her this. All I can say is that they were receptive.

Question: Are you aware of the root source of the movement opposing CIR efforts?

Gonzalez: FAIR is the best known of the opposition groups. The Center for Immigration Studies and NumbersUSA are involved, too. These groups have been at the root of giving information that leadership takes hook, line and sinker. They say they are not anti-immigrant, just anti-illegal immigrant. But some of the people associated with some of the groups are racist.

Hernandez: Thank you for participating today. Our next conference call will be on July 7th when we are in Florida.

Read Mexico’s incredible brief against Arizona’s SB1070

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Stein Report

Read Mexico’s incredible brief against Arizona’s SB1070

The Mexican government has managed with the assistance of several U.S. law firms to produce a brief so stunning in its overall outrageousness that they have outdone themselves. Mexico’s position through their brief, filed against SB 1070, is that the democratic will of the Arizona electorate, the inalienable right of self-determination…


June 23, 2010

Attorney General Candidates to Regents: ‘Follow law’

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Marietta Daily Journal

Candidates to Regents: ‘Follow law’
by Jon Gillooly
June 23, 2010

MARIETTA – Forget the debate about whether to charge illegal immigrants in-state or out-of-state college tuition. Four of the five candidates vying to be Georgia’s next attorney general say illegal immigrants should not be attending a public Georgia university at all.

The Journal caught up with the candidates at Southern Polytechnic State University, where they engaged in a debate Tuesday night.

Republican Sam Olens said Georgia law bars illegal immigrants from attending public universities.

“Absent a student visa, they should not be attending such institutions,” he said.

Olens called on the Georgia Board of Regents, the body that governs Georgia’s colleges and universities, to “immediately follow the law. Illegal immigrants have no right to attend the universities.”

Olens said it is not acceptable to allow illegal immigrants to attend state universities even if they pay the higher out of state tuition rate.

“No. Illegal immigrants are not entitled to attend state universities, period,” Olens said.

State Rep. Rob Teilhet (D-Smyrna) also believes Georgia law bars illegal immigrants from attending Georgia universities.

“In my opinion it does. Now, a similar federal law has been interpreted to mean they can attend, but just not receive student aid, but I don’t agree with that interpretation. I think a public benefit includes public universities,” Teilhet said.

If that’s at all unclear, the Legislature needs to take steps to clarify the matter, he said.

“I think attendance at a public university is a public benefit and we said in the Legislature that illegal immigrants won’t receive public benefits in the state of Georgia. Attendance at a university in my mind is clearly a public benefit that would be prohibitive,” Teilhet said…


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