September 25, 2009

Victory in U.S. House shows many pols rejecting open borders positions

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Roy Beck — Numbers USA

Victory in U.S. House shows many pols rejecting open borders positions

Watching the Democratic vote Wednesday afternoon on the House floor provided many revelations –none of them reassuring to those who hope the Democratic Party has the votes to throw open our borders to more foreign workers and to reward millions of illegal aliens with amnesty…


Obama to decrease number of Border Patrol Agents on southern border?

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Fewer border agents in south

Redeployment: Federal spokesman confirms numbers on U.S.-Mexico boundary will be reduced in fiscal year that starts next week

By Jonathon Shacat
Sierra Vista Herald/Review
Friday, Sep 25, 2009

BISBEE — The number of U.S. Border Patrol agents that are deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border will be cut soon, while the amount along the U.S.-Canada border will be expanded, a federal official said.

On Thursday, Lloyd Easterling, acting media director for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said the planned changes will be implemented in fiscal year 2010, which begins next Thursday.

“We have been adding agents for several years and now have about 20,000,” he told the Herald/Review on Thursday. “Importantly, we also have added tactical infrastructure plus new and improved technology which act as force multipliers and allow us to expand our coverage area. Smart deployment of these resources allows us to properly evaluate and move resources where we need them to continue securing our borders incrementally so that we can get the job done the right way.”

During the current fiscal year, 17,399 agents have been deployed on the nation’s southern border, but that will be decreased by 384, for a total of 17,015, Easterling confirmed telling Meanwhile, the agents along the U.S.-Canada border will be increased by 414, from 1,798 to 2,212, he confirmed saying


The Warner Robins City Council became the second city council in the area to not argue admission into a program that effectively denies certain city services to illegals

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Sun News — Warner Robbins

Warner Robins second Houston city to pass SAVE
( Note from D.A. – headline makes no sense, SAVE is not legislatin, it is a verification database)

The Warner Robins City Council became the second city council in the area to not argue admission into a program that effectively denies certain city services to [illegal aliens]. — City Clerk Stan Martin said under the SAVE program, …people seeking city-issued licenses will have their immigration statuses cross-checked…


Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department “concerned” about American Border Patrol Agents defending themselves against speeding smuggling vehicles

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Associated Press

Police: Agents felt trapped in border shooting

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Federal agents felt trapped when they opened fire on the driver of one of two vans packed with suspected illegal immigrants that barreled toward them at the nation’s busiest bordercrossing, an official said Wednesday.

The agents “were out on foot, they didn’t have an area of safety they felt they could go to, and the drivers were going right at them,” said San Diego police Lt. Kevin Rooney.

Four people were injured after drivers of three vans stormed past an inspector Tuesday at the San Ysidro border crossing connecting San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

The drivers were trying to escape onto nearby Interstate 5. But the vans got stuck behind cars in an area that funnels vehicles through a few lanes to the freeway.

Authorities also activated a system of tire shredders and steel planks that shoot up from the ground at the freeway entrance.

Drivers of two of the vans backed up and drove toward another freeway entrance, heading for the agents who drew their guns and yelled for the drivers to stop, Rooney said.

The agents felt that if they jumped out of the way, they might dodge the first van but not the second, he said. Others in the area may also have been in harm’s way, Rooney added.

The shooting sparked criticism from some immigrant activists because the officials – two from Customs and Border Protection and one from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – fired in thick afternoon traffic. The American Friends Service Committee said the use of force was excessive.

Rooney said no evidence suggests anyone in the vans was armed.

Officials at CBP and ICE declined to comment on whether the shooting was justified. A CBP statement said only that one driver “posed a threat and attempted to flee.”

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said in a statement that it was concerned about the incident and was trying to assist the Mexican passengers…


September 24, 2009

One in three Mexicans would move to US

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Palm Springs Desert Sun

Poll: Despite economy, one in three Mexicans would move to US

Despite a sluggish U.S. economy that has seen the highest unemployment rates in 25 years, roughly one in three Mexicans would move here, according to a report released today. — The poll surveyed the attitudes of adults living in Mexico. — Among the report’s findings…


D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal: Mickey Mouse a ‘racist hater’? Yes, say illegals’ allies

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I have added some hyperlinks to further educate the reader.

Marietta Daily Journal
September 22, 2009

D.A. King

Mickey Mouse a ‘racist hater’? Yes, say illegals’ allies

Along with many others, Jimmy Carter has accused Americans who disagree with the president’s policies – including Obamacare – of “racism.” In reaction to Rep. Joe Wilson’s public “you lie” observation, and in an obvious reference to whatever remains of the vile KKK, Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson said, “I guess we’ll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside, intimidating people,”

A Google check of the term “health care – racism” brings up more than five million “hits.” Most of the first several pages link to stories and leftist blogs assuring the reader that opposition to Obama’s national health care is racist.

A recent Associated Press story on the fact that the “R word” has been spewed to the point of becoming meaningless read, in part: “everybody’s racist, it seems.”

With the current focus on the shameless smearing and endless use of the term “racist” to ridicule the majority of America, what many Americans are now seeing for the first time is merely the time-worn and programmed default attack weapon for the mindless and integrity-free far left.

None of this is new. It is the only tool in their very shallow box. It is not going to get better soon. It is also very old news for those who have taken a firm public stand in favor of English as the common and official language of the United States and against illegal employment, illegal immigration, open borders and another amnesty for illegal aliens.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Citing a need for ‘”keeping families together” and even more labor, the open borders, amnesty industry will soon introduce legislation to repeat the “one-time” 1986 legalization and path to citizenship scheme for illegals. Again.

Ignore the fact that Time magazine recently reported that “the country faces the prospect of long-term double-digit unemployment.” And what is likely a “hate fact”: Rewarding three million illegal aliens with amnesty in ’86 has resulted in more than four times that many today. Most of whom howl that punishment for invasion and theft of the American Dream is a racist human rights violation.

The amnesty benefits would also apply to the illegal employers who are part of the massive coalition of congressional puppets, media elites, academic nobility, foreign governments, big business, big religion and the huge, well-funded, ethnocentric lobby pushing the legalization.

With “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” the feverish race-baiting and smearing to come will make the Obamacare “debate” look like a peaceful day at Disney World. Oops, perhaps a bad example.

The Walt Disney Company has been labeled “racist” by at least one open-borders, pro-amnesty group. “MexicaMovement,” a California-based “civil-rights” organization, contends that Disney and affiliated ABC “has made a habit of hiring talk show hosts who spread the white supremacist racist agenda.” (Translation: hosts who are against open borders, illegal immigration and amnesty).

One target? The late radio great, Paul Harvey. MexicaMovement described Harvey as a “racist Nazi.” On the MexicaMovement Web site, Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse is depicted as a snarling, swastika-sleeved Brownshirt … giving a Nazi salute. Pro-amnesty attack Web sites such as the National Council of La Raza’s “We can Stop the Hate” come complete with a list of Americans that radio and TV networks should not allow on the air and a page titled “code words of hate.”

In addition to furiously opposing enforcement of American immigration laws, La Raza (“The Race”) has made the outrageous and nearly comical claim that fully one in seven Americans are members of “hate groups.”

Quick! Everyone check their wallet for suspicious membership cards … or used passes to Disney World.

Then-La Raza vice president Cecilia Munoz attributed the 2007 amnesty’s crushing defeat to a “wave of hate” promoted by talk show hosts and those wretched Americans who opposed the legalization bill that never saw a single committee hearing.

Munoz is now the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Obama White House.

We should brace for another amnesty battle – and much more of the vicious smearing. Both came with the invasion.

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society, which is opposed to illegal immigration. On the Web:

September 21, 2009

VIDEO Obama a “post-American president” who’s “above all that patriotism stuff”

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Freedom’s Lighthouse

Bolton calls Obama a “post-American president” who’s “above all that patriotism stuff”

Here is video of former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Fox & Friends this morning, where he said Barack Obama sees himself as a “Post-American President” who is “Above all that patriotism stuff.” Bolton was reacting to what we can expect to see from Obama when he addresses the UN General Assembly…


Even housekeeping jobs are being outsourced

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Boston Globe

‘Change’ ? Even housekeeping jobs are being outsourced

When the housekeepers at the three Hyatt hotels in the Boston area were asked to train some new workers, they said they were told the trainees would be filling in during vacations. — On Aug. 31, staffers learned the full story: None of them would be making the beds and cleaning the showers any longer. All of them were losing their jobs…


September 19, 2009

Because enforcement works…287 g to continue in Nashville

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Nashville City Paper

Sheriff says 287(g) immigration enforcement will continue

Sheriff Daron Hall is confident the 287(g) program will continue to be administered in Nashville, despite his contention that a revision — one which renders detainee records inaccessible absent a FOIA request — runs afoul of state law…

Here’s Your ‘Change’: 42 states lost jobs in August

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Numbers USA

Here’s Your ‘Change’: 42 states lost jobs in August

Nearly all 50 states experienced increased unemployment in the month of August, up significantly from July. According to data from the Labor Department report, 42 states lost more jobs than they gained last month with Texas, Michigan, Georgia, and Ohio taking the biggest hits…


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