January 27, 2008

Border Patrol Agents Local 2544 Website here – these brave Americans are NOT John McCain supporters

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Tucson sector Border Patrol local 2544 Website here. I urge you to spend a few minutes on it.


Yuma Sun newspaper:

January 19, 2008 – 10:46AM
A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed Saturday morning when he was struck by a vehicle as it fled law enforcement officers in the Imperial Sand Dunes.

The agent, who was stationed in the Yuma sector, was hit at about 9:30 a.m. near Gray’s Well Road south of Interstate 8, according to Border Patrol representatives. The agent was laying spike strips across the road in an attempt to stop a Hummer vehicle that was fleeing pursuit.

Border Patrol officials believe the Hummer was driven by smugglers from Mexico.

Paramedics attempted to revive the agent at the scene but could not save him. Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Jeremy Schappell, spokesman for the Yuma sector, said the driver escaped back to Mexico.

See the list of Border Patrol Agents killed in the line of duty here.

Enforcment works in Arizona…from a French news service

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We’ve raised wages, competing for a diminishing supply (of workers),” he said. “We’ve been on a campaign of quality improvement, training, scouring the waterfront, so to speak, for American vets, ex-offenders trying to find their way back into society.”

Agence France-Presse

‘Hispanic panic’ as Arizona immigration crackdown bites

…”There’s a lot of fear and some people are leaving,” said Salvador Reza, an [illegal alien…. criminal]-rights activist who runs a day labor center in Phoenix. — “The fear is not only at the worker level, it’s at the employer level. I’ve never seen that before in my life.” — Workers are going back to Mexico or to other states…

Read the rest HERE.

January 26, 2008

VIDEO HERE Immigration Gumballs from my friend Roy Beck at NumbersUSA.com

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What the open borders lobby hopes you will not see, will not acknowledge, will not consider and will not have the courage to speak up on. Why do the American people not have the right to decide how many people we want to live in our nation? Ask Teddy Kennedy…ask John McCain.


Immigration Gumballs from my friend Roy Beck at NumbersUSA.com

McCain aide touts ‘Mexico first’ policy

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McCain – the amnesty-again open borders liberal Democrat with an “R” in front of his name. McCain is the Jerry Gonzalez of the GOP.

McCain aide touts ‘Mexico first’ policy
Skeptics of candidate’s immigration stance highlight appointment

Posted: January 25, 2008
12:45 p.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily.com

Juan Hernandez, center, with President Bush and former Mexican President Vicente Fox
The Hispanic outreach director for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign is a dual American-Mexican citizen known for his “Mexico first” declarations to immigrants in the U.S., WND has confirmed.

Word of the appointment, made in November, spread across the Internet last night, sparking reaction from secure-border activists who charge Juan Hernandez’s position in the campaign belies the Republican candidate’s attempt to position himself as an advocate of border security.

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers emphasized to WND that Hernandez is “a non-paid volunteer to the campaign, and he does not play a policy role.”

“Juan works with us to reach out to the Hispanic community to meet with the folks in the various states,” Rogers said.

Asked if the McCain campaign has repudiated Hernandez’s “Mexico first” declarations, Rogers did not give a direct answer.

Twice he referred WND to McCain’s immigration position on the campaign presidential website arguing for border security.


January 24, 2008

My letter to the editor published today in the Casper (Wyoming) Star Tribune

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We thank the Star Tribune for the space. I have added a few hyperlinks to educate the reader. Link to Casper newspaper HERE.

Courage crashes against status quo

Thursday, January 24, 2008


In the Jan. 17 Casper Star-Tribune editorial, the editorial board writes: “Though Minuteman leaders say their movement is not racist, almost all of their attention is focused on Mexicans who cross the U.S. border. They show little interest in the millions of illegal aliens from non-Hispanic countries.”

While it is true that illegal border crossers also come from Middle Eastern nations with known terrorist ties, could someone there kindly tell us what race “Hispanic” is?

According to the U.S. Census, about 90 percent of illegal immigration comes from Latin America — with 70 percent from Mexico.

The clear inference here is that if Americans stand up for secure borders, an equal application of American immigration and employment laws — even for Hispanic illegal aliens — they must prove they are not “racist.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a far-left money machine which has run out of nutball and actually racist KKK members to go after and has drawn a bead on any American who has the courage to report illegal immigration activity to the feds — all the Minutemen have ever done.

Fund-raising must have an issue, you know.

Here in Georgia, we watched quietly for years as the PC police stood guard over the criminal employers and the well-funded open borders/illegal alien lobby until English was an optional language and the victims of geography who made it past our brave border patrol agents marched in the streets of Atlanta screaming for driver’s licenses, amnesty, citizenship and “justice,” while waving the flag of Mexico.

We now have more than half-a-million illegal aliens here; our low-skilled wages are declining; Americans are being denied jobs because they don’t speak Spanish; our schools are overcrowded, bilingual, less efficient; and our hospitals are going broke.

We are not quiet anymore.

Who will monitor the corrupt federal government that has refused to secure American borders in a war on terror? Once upon a time in America, that was the job of responsible journalists and newspapers.

The illegal aliens, their lobbyists and their employers will not be intimidated by an opinion commentary — assuming someone there finds the courage to write one opposing them.

DONALD (D.A.) KING, Marietta, Ga.

President, Dustin Inman Society

January 23, 2008

Ethnic cleansing in Los Angeles? My friend Terry Anderson here in an article in City Journal ( Published by the Manhattan Institute)

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Photos of Terry Anderson at the Georgia Capitol here for our first rally…HERE
Steven Malanga City Journal

The Rainbow Coalition Evaporates
Black anger grows as illegal immigrants transform urban neighborhoods.

Terry Anderson is angry. From his KRLA-AM radio perch in Los Angeles, the black talk-show host thunders, “I have gone on the streets and talked to people at random here in the black community, and they all ask me the same question: ‘Why are our politicians and leaders letting this happen?’ ” What’s got Anderson—motto: “If You Ain’t Mad, You Ain’t Payin’ Attention”—so worked up isn’t the Jena Six or nooses on Columbia University doorknobs; it’s the illegal immigrants who allegedly murdered three Newark college students last August. And when he excoriates politicians for “letting this happen,” he’s directing his fire at Congressional Black Caucus members who support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. “Massive illegal immigration has been devastating to my community,” Anderson, a former auto mechanic and longtime South Central Los Angeles resident, tells listeners. “Black Americans are hit the hardest.”

The rest is well worth the read and don’t miss the photo ….HERE

January 22, 2008

Bank customer service in Espanol…whether you want it or not: A Spanish slap in the face

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It’s annoying enough when the automated voice over the phone asks you to “press 2 for Spanish,” but it’s excruciating when the bank tellers give you no choice, and you’re stuck with a live customer-service version of subtitles.

Matt Sanchez — WorldNetDaily.com

A Spanish slap in the face

Multiculturalism, a soft national identity and the inability to separate the public forum from the private sphere will send this country scaling up a new Tower of Babel. — I went into my local bank to solve a problem. During my stay overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, my financial institution put a block on my account because…


January 19, 2008

Illegl alien sentenced to prison for murders – no protest from open borders lobby – Wrong Raza

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San Francisco Chronicle

Vicious Lithuanian invader gets 15 years in prison

15-year term in murders of Russians

An illegal immigrant from Lithuania was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in federal prison for his role in the kidnapping and murder of Russian immigrants whose bodies were found in a reservoir near Yosemite National Park. — Aleksejus Markovskis was part of a crime ring that kidnapped… HERE.


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Here is a photo of illegals before they begin marching in a demand for driver’s licenses, citizenship and the right to vote in the USA.

HAT TIP American Patrol.

What kind of national disgrace is media participation in the open borders agenda? My letter published in the Dalton Citizen this week. WE NEED MORE LETTERS TO EDITORS!

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“The write up in the Citizen has set a benchmark early in the year for least professional and balanced but highest agenda filled commentary disguised as a news item. Yuck.”

My letter published in the Dalton Times this week WE NEED MORE LETTERS TO EDITORS!

Below is the original “news” piece from the Dalton (Georgia) Citizen newspaper on a propaganda movie, both aimed at sympathy for criminals and marginalizing any American who dares speak up for border security.

Below that my response to the Dalton Citizen in a letter to the editor. We thank the Dalton Citizen for the space and the e-mail sent to me from its publisher.

‘A national disgrace’

Documentary tells of discrimination against Hispanics; community leaders preach acceptance, just treatment

Misty Watson

A beloved place of worship was torn to the ground after the discrimination against those who worshipped there continued to escalate.

But the discrimination wasn’t because of their religion or what was taking place at the simplistic outdoor chapel — consisting of an altar, benches and tables — where Mass had been celebrated for 20 years.

It was because the people worshipping there were Hispanic migrant workers.

No, this didn’t take place in Dalton, or even Georgia. It happened in San Diego and was recorded in the documentary “The Invisible Chapel,” which was shown publicly by the Coalition of Latino Leaders (CLILA) at Dalton State College on Sunday evening, with approximately 100 people, mostly Hispanic, attending.

Even though the discrimination shown in the documentary did not take place locally, a discussion in the college’s auditorium following the film, proved that many people — Hispanics, whites and blacks — are tired of seeing and hearing of discrimination against Hispanics.

“I for one welcome them, and I hope others will,” said Paul Zock, a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. “It’s criminal to criminalize someone for trying to better themselves,” said Zock, echoing a sentiment expressed in the film.

Bobbie Warmack, with the Latinos for Education and Justice Organization (LEJO) based in Calhoun, said “what we’ve seen in the film is happening here.”

“Houses without windows are being rented here” to Hispanics, she said. “Living conditions are terrible.”

John Carlos Frey, who directed the documentary, lived with the impoverished, Hispanic migrant workers in “little houses” made of tarps, without running water or bathrooms.

Frey watched the migrant workers get paid minimum wage for working in the surrounding communities on farms or in factories, hoping to achieve the “American dream.” And he watched as neighbors and the media began targeting the migrant camp, including the beloved church that remained invisible to so many people previously.

Some neighbors, who had spoken out against the camp, visited it to tear the tarp homes with knifes or razors. Many of the clothes in the homes were also cut, and the homes were raided of what little personal items they contained, according to the documentary.

“My purpose was to show a human side of the story … more importantly, these are hardworking individuals of faith,” said Frey, speaking first in English, then repeating himself in Spanish to those in attendance at the college on Sunday. “This is a portrayal the media in this country does not show.”

If a black church had been burned in the South, or if a Jewish synagogue had been defamed with graffiti, “we would have learned about it, but because this was a church of migrant workers whose church was taken apart, you didn’t,” he said.

The documentary showed members of a local Catholic church who were presiding over Mass celebrations and were helping the migrant workers with many of their immediate needs, such as fresh water and food, as well as teaching them English. Many people attending the viewing on Sunday, said they wished more individuals, especially Christians, would help Hispanics.

“What kind of nation are we?” asked Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO). “We talk a lot about this being a Christian nation. What side would Jesus be on? It’s a national disgrace to be treating fellow human beings the way we are. We must speak out. Our responsibility as a Christian is to speak out.”

Gonzalez said “minutemen” like the ones who persecuted the migrant workers in the documentary exist in Georgia as well.

“We must do something,” he said. “Registering to vote is very important. We must engage our communities of faith on this. It’s important to raise a voice of conscience in this debate.”

Carlos Castro said he thinks the message of acceptance and helping one another presented in the documentary is one that needs to be shared “with our community.”

“I hope God gives us the way to open the minds of American citizens,” Castro said.

The persecution shown in the documentary seems like something that would have taken place a long time ago, Zock said.

Tommy Pinson, director of the Dalton Community Center, agreed. Pinson said the type of persecution he sees of Hispanic people is much like what he and other black people experienced decades ago.

“What I’m hearing is very similar to what we heard in the 50s and 60s with blacks,” Pinson said. “We had churches burned. We had people held in jail unjustly. Be a civil rights movement. It takes everyone here to make a change. When there’s injustice, don’t be silent. Work as a group and things will eventually change.”

Others encouraged people attending the viewing not to be discouraged.

The film showed that even after the chapel was torn down, the migrant workers found other places to worship. One man named Generoso, which translates into ‘generous’ in English, donated $1,000 to construct a new, more permanent chapel.

For Generoso, $1,000 is more than a month’s pay, according to a female member of the Catholic church who spoke several times in the documentary.

“He chose to continue living like he did so a chapel could be built,” the woman said.

In the film Generoso says he won’t be deterred by discrimination because “there’s only one God and we’re all children of God.”


The Coalition of Latino Leaders (CLILA) is an organization that offers several services for Hispanics in the community, including English classes, voter registration and education, gang forums and civil rights advocacy. For more information visit the Web site www.lidereslatinos.org. Information on the site is in English and Spanish.

Article was ‘disgrace’
Published: January 16, 2008

“What kind of nation are we”… indeed? What kind of a nation allows millions of people to cross our borders illegally in a war on terror in the name of increased profits for the business class which is illegally employing black market, taxpayer subsidized labor? What kind of nation remains silent in the face of the ethnic tribalists who make their living defending and promoting the organized crime of illegal immigration without any conscience?

The comparison of illegal aliens shacked-out in our nation to Americans of any race or ethnicity who have demanded equal protection under the law is sickening. More so that the agenda is obviously promoted and shared by what is passing itself off as a newspaper with journalistic integrity.

The write up in the Citizen has set a benchmark early in the year for least professional and balanced but highest agenda filled commentary disguised as a news item. Yuck.

When Georgians are asked “what kind of nation are we?” by the open borders/illegal alien lobby who are using religion and the name of God in their never ending and shameless effort at legalization again, the answer should always be: A nation of laws that will not be intimidated by the absurd name calling from the far, far left.

The “national disgrace” is that these people have woven their way into the mainstream media with the willing help of semi-educated editors and reporters who clearly have forgotten any exposure to a code of ethics.

Jerry Gonzalez is wild with panic that the sheriff in Whitfield county has implemented local enforcement authority under section 287 g of federal law. The illegal aliens that are his golden goose are leaving Georgia. Readers can expect more of the same silly “illegal is a civil right” smearing in the future as a result.

D.A. King


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