September 23, 2006

Gainesville Times is asking for help picking out key campaign issues

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The Gainesville Times in Georgia is asking for some help in picking out key campaign issues for the November elections.

I am sending a short and polite note with my observations…maybe you can as well?

See here.

Sign up for alerts…from La Raza

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Wanna see what the illegal aliens lobby sends out to attempt to stop legislation aimed at secure borders and enforced employment and immigration laws?

Sign up for action alerts from the corporate funded National Council of The Race [ en Espanol, La Raza] here.

I have been recieving alerts from these people for years. It is very eye – opening.

Norwood Offers Conditioned Apology to La Raza

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U.S. Representative Charlie Norwood, Ninth District, Georgia
For immediate release: September 20, 2006
Norwood Offers Conditioned Apology to La Raza

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood today offered to issue an apology to the National Council of La Raza for statements made in an earlier news release which accused the organization of association with and support of anti-American and racist groups, on the condition NCLR would agree in writing to the following seven points, and publish the seven points with unequivocal NCLR endorsement of the same prominently on their website:

1. Denounce and sever all ties with MEChA and any other organizations with which they are now or have ever been associated or funded which held to the racist doctrines published by MEChA.

2. Denounce the statement “For La Raza to do. Fuera de La Raza nada,” as repugnant, racist, and totally incompatible with American society or citizenship.

3. Repudiate all claims that any current American territory rightfully belongs to Mexico.

4. Acknowledge the right of all Americans to live wherever they choose in the United States, and that no section or region of this country should be segregated by race or ethnic heritage.

5. Commit to sponsorship of nationwide educational programs to combat racism and anti-Semitism in the Hispanic community.

6. Seek neutral, third party supervision to ensure that all community and individual assistance programs offered by La Raza and groups supported by La Raza are accessible to all Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity, and that participation in those programs is fully compliant with Equal Opportunity laws.

7. Acknowledge the internationally recognized borders of the United States, the right of the citizens of the United States to determine immigration policy through the democratic process, and the right of the United States to undertake any and all necessary steps including military action to effectively enforce immigration law and defend its borders against unauthorized entry.

Norwood further requested that NCLR immediately release records of how much of the organization’s funds are being used to lobby Congress for specific legislative initiatives. NCLR mounted a nationwide lobbying drive this week in a failed attempt to block immigration reform in the House of Representatives. The organization is registered with the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit charity, which is strictly limited by IRS rules in their ability to lobby Congress or other legislative bodies, or conduct get-out-the-vote campaigns.


U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood
2452 Rayburn Building, Washington, DC 20515
On the Web:
Phone (202) 225-4101; Fax (202) 226-0776
Contact: John Stone;

September 22, 2006

Word for the day: PLUTOCRACY

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See if you think the word “plutocracy” defines the current U.S. government that is allowing illegal employers and aliens to ignore the same rule of law that governs the rest of us.

PLUTOCRACY: from Merriam-Webster

See an image of Mexican PHOTO voting ID

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Wanna see how they do it in Mexico?

Mexican PHOTO voter ID. Click here.

Illegal alien march rescheduled

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Fun is where you find it…

From Channel 11 and reporter Denis O’Hayer:

Exclusive: March Rescheduled [blog]
Written By: Denis O’Hayer
Last Modified: 9/21/2006 8:50:44 PM

The immigrants’ rights march originally set for Saturday, September 30 in downtown Atlanta has been tentatively moved to the next day: Sunday, October 1. Organizers say they’re still trying to work out the exact start time; they’ll meet with Atlanta Police officials to work that out.

At the time they announced their September 30th date, the press conference crowd included D.A. King, an border-enforcement activist with the Dustin Inman Society. In an earlier blog, we mentioned how King and Latino leaders took some verbal jabs at each other. But that’s not all King did that day.

When he heard organizers say they still had to get their march permits, King went straight to the Georgia Building Authority, which supervises the Capitol grounds. Building Authority officials tell me he asked who had the permit for the Capitol on September 30. When they told King no one had yet obtained a permit for that day, he got one first — pre-empting the immigrants’ rights march.

It’s not yet clear whether King will actually hold an event of his own. But, it is clear he enjoys jousting with his opponents — and vice versa. This move may have been simply to annoy them.

Read the rest of O’Hayer’s blog here.

Note from D.A; Illegal aliens annoy me…very much. So does the Mexican citizen who is a former Mexican diplomat who makes his living encouraging them to remain in the U.S… a federal crime.

September 21, 2006

La Raza Mounts Drive to Suppress U.S. Law Enforcement

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U.S. Representative Charlie Norwood, Ninth District, Georgia
For immediate release: September 20, 2006
La Raza Mounts Drive to Suppress US Law Enforcement
Key Reformer Calls for American Voters to Fight Blitzkrieg by Radical Group

(Washington, DC) – The ability of state and local police to fight criminal illegal aliens will be undermined by legal intimidation if a mass lobbying campaign by the radical National Council of La Raza (NCLR) succeeds in blocking passage of a critical House immigration reform bill this week, according to U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA), the leading proponent of supporting local officers in the fight against criminal aliens.

The House is scheduled to vote on HR 6089 containing key elements of Norwood’s CLEAR Act, which would provide funding, training, and resources for state and local law enforcement agencies who voluntarily assist federal officers in apprehension and detention of criminal illegal aliens while in the course of their routine duties such as traffic stops and drug arrests.

NCLR, a pro-illegal immigration lobbying organization that supports racist groups calling for the secession of the western United States as a Hispanic-only homeland, has mounted an all-out campaign to prevent state and local police from voluntarily aiding critically undermanned federal authorities. Norwood says the bill does not target the majority of the 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America, but only serious felons.

“There are the equivalent of 3,000 federal agents trying to arrest 500,000 criminal illegal aliens, of whom 80,000 are violent felons,” says Norwood. “That’s impossible, and that’s why we keep seeing convicted child molesters, rapists, and murderers turned back on our streets instead of being deported. HR 6089 simply reinforces the inherent authority of our 700,000 state and local police to help in this fight, and that’s why this anti-American group is mounting a blitzkrieg against it – it evens the odds against these scumbags for the first time in decades.”

Norwood called for all law-abiding American citizens to call their House member and demand a yes vote for the bill. “For those who haven’t figured it out yet, the entire illegal immigration crisis we suffer is due 100% from our failure to enforce existing law. The other side – La Raza, MEChA, Aztlan – knows this very well, and knows that the continued suppression of US law enforcement efforts is essential to permanently destroying our borders.”

“If Americans don’t wake up now, they’ll wake up one day soon to find their nation has been stolen by La Raza and pals,” says Norwood. “Call your House member today to vote YES on HR 6089 – or throw them out of office November 7.”

U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood
2452 Rayburn Building, Washington, DC 20515
On the Web:
Phone (202) 225-4101; Fax (202) 226-0776
Contact: John Stone;

House Passes New Version of Norwood’s CLEAR Act

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U.S. Representative Charlie Norwood, Ninth District, Georgia
For immediate release: September 21, 2006
House Passes New Version of Norwood’s CLEAR Act
Simplified Stand-Alone Bill Authorizes 700,000 Local Police to Aid in Fight Against Illegal Immigration

(Washington, DC)-Legislation based on the CLEAR Act by U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) to enlist as many as 700,000 state and local law enforcement officers in the war against illegal immigration passed the House today by a powerful 277-140 margin – the third time a version of the bill has been approved in the House this session.

HR 6095, the Immigration Law Enforcement Act of 2006, included the foundational policy provision of Norwood’s Clear Law Enforcement for Removal of Criminal Aliens, HR 3137, reaffirming the authority of state and local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws.

“The margin by which this bill passed sends an unmistakable message to the Senate from the people’s House that the nation demands action on this issue,” Norwood says. “All across America, people have witnessed horrific crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens, who were released on our communities because we failed to enforce immigration laws. This bill will finally bring enough personnel to the fight that we can have a chance a winning if the Senate will simply do their duty. This gives them a single, simple bill to pass that will turn the tables on criminal aliens, if the other body will simply stand up for American citizens instead of lobbyists.”


Norwood Remarks on the Floor of the House:
“Mr. Speaker, this bill reasserts that state and local law enforcement can and should help federal officers on immigration law whenever they reasonably can, if they choose to. It is a policy that our law enforcement community has conducted successfully for decades in helping enforce federal drug and racketeering laws.

Why then the outrage and mass lobbying against it by the pro-illegal immigration crowd? Because this bill goes to the heart of our enforcement problem, that is simply a lack of enforcement. Across the board, from the borders to the workplace to illegal immigrant crime, we have allowed the odds to become hopelessly stacked against enforcement.

In regards to rounding up criminal illegal aliens, we currently have roughly 5,000 federal agents trying to apprehend 500,000 illegal aliens with court orders against them. 80,000 of them are serious felons, such as murderers, drug dealers, child molesters, and rapists.

Those odds are impossible. But if we allow our 700,000 state and local police to volunteer to help, the odds get a lot better. That might just start an epidemic of looking at other ways to improve our odds in fighting overall illegal immigration. And that undermines the illegal immigration lobby’s theme song, which is the lie that we can’t stop illegal immigration so we may as well give in.

Well, we can stop all these problems if we only have the will. This legislation proves how using commonsense partnerships between state and federal authorities to multiply manpower will get the job done.

We’re not talking about going after illegal aliens who are otherwise obeying our laws and are just here to work. This bill is targeted only on criminal aliens. Ironically, most of their victims are their fellow immigrants.

And let’s make one point absolutely clear. There is nothing in this bill that prevents local police from granting immunity from being reported for deportation to any illegal immigrant crime victim who comes to them for help.

Mr. Speaker, this short bill is the key component in the CLEAR Act I introduced three years ago. It has already passed this House twice as part of larger legislation. Let’s send it to the Senate as a clean short bill that will have to be considered. Thank you, and I yield.”


U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood
2452 Rayburn Building, Washington, DC 20515
On the Web:
Phone (202) 225-4101; Fax (202) 226-0776
Contact: John Stone;

D.A.’s column in today’s Marietta Daily Journal : Photo voter ID in Mexico…oh my!

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Photos: Dustin Inman Society


We should copy Mexico’s voter ID law

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, September 21, 2006

Despite the cacophony of objection, last year’s photo ID requirement for voting makes Georgia’s one of the most secure voting systems in the nation.

The law, if finally allowed to be implemented, would make it very difficult for non-citizens and other ineligible persons to vote.

This is causing a great deal of anguish for the usual suspects.

Those who for years have counted on the practice of their constituents – living or dead – voting early and often are apoplectic in their vocal objections to any increase in voting security.

Requiring a photo ID – like when you cash a check – from the prospective voter has been deemed somehow unfair, discriminatory and a deterrent to poor or minority voters.

In the Georgia Capitol in 2005, I listened as a representative of the radical Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF] told a state Senate committee that the photo ID requirement would hinder – and I love this one – “the voting capability of Spanish-speaking voters.”

Let’s save for another day the fact that a large part of the naturalization process is the requirement that the applicant for U.S. citizenship demonstrate the ability to speak, read and understand English. And, despite the huge population of illegal aliens in our state, for now, like in most nations, only citizens are legally allowed to vote here.

This brings to mind what I believe we can use as an example of voter ID security.

What would Mexico do?

Here’s what: In Mexico, to cast a ballot, the voter – all of the voters – must prove citizenship and eligibility by presenting the federally issued Mexican voter ID card – which not only bears the photo of the potential voter, but a fingerprint, a barcode and a holographic image to deter tampering. Oh my. [ see image of Mexican voter ID here]

No photo voter ID card – no voting. Si?

After having voted, the voter’s finger is dipped in ink to prevent repeat – or three-peat – voting.

To no one’s surprise, nobody in Mexico gets very far with the argument that this is somehow unfair, excludes the poor or discriminates against Spanish-speaking voters.

For those readers who “don’t care how Mexico does it,” we can all take a lesson in security and photo identification from somewhere considerably closer to home – Blockbuster Video.

Before Blockbuster Inc. will approve an application to open an account to rent a DVD, the applicant must present a driver’s license, a photo military ID or a state-issued photo ID card.


No Blockbuster-accepted photo ID? No movie.

While we all watch the irrational protests and listen to the contrived wails of injustice expressed in the media concerning making our voting system more secure, we should be asking a question of our own.

If we are not allowed to have a voter ID system as secure as Mexico’s, can we please craft one that is at least as secure as the process for renting a DVD at Blockbuster?

Por favor?

D.A. King lives in northeast Cobb and is president of The Dustin Inman Society, a coalition dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of illegal immigration.

Also here.

September 20, 2006

Pledge to flag in Texas elementary school…the Mexican flag

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An elementary school principal in Texas passed out Mexican flags to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, then there was a pledge…don’t worry, it can never happen here. Right?

Velasco Elementary has 635 students in prekindergarten through fourth grade, 65 percent of whom are Hispanic. ..“We have stated in our mission statement that we are a campus that is a beacon of hope for a culturally diverse population,” the principle said.

Read it here.

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