May 18, 2006

Senate votes to award illegal aliens Social Security benefits

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This from

Senate votes to award illegal aliens Social Security benefits

By TimChapman
May 18, 2006

The Senate today defeated an amendment offered by Senator John Ensign that would have prohibited illegal aliens from using fraudulent work history to obtain Social Security benefits. I wrote about Ensign’s amendment last week. Here is a refresher:

To qualify for full Social Security benefits, a worker must register 10 years of work. Under current law, illegal immigrants who obtain legal status can use their previous illegal work history to apply for Social Security benefits.
A compromise immigration bill pending right now in the U.S. Senate (sponsored by Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Mel Martinez (R-FL)) comes at a time when our nation is facing an enormous crisis on the entitlements front. A recent report moved the year in which Social Security will go broke from 2041 to 2040. Congress cannot afford to keep the promise of Social Security to its own citizens, let alone illegal workers.
To remedy the situation, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) has offered an amendment to the pending Senate immigration bill that would reverse this law to ensure that law-breakers are not rewarded for their past work at the expense of immigrants who have waited in line and American citizens. Ensign’s amendment may be considered when the Senate takes up the immigration issue yet again — possibly as soon as next week

NOTE FROM D.A. It lost by one vote

As a reference point, look to see how Kennedy and McCain voted.

See here for voting information.

Americans proclaim…YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR ME!

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Hmmm.. Americans demanding that we secure our borders and enforce our laws. What a concept!

We cannot help but wonder if Cynthia Tucker, Sam Zamarripa or the pandering “amnesty again” politicians in Washington are aware of these fine folks.

“You don’t speak for me” is a group of Americans who are vocal in their oppostion to illegal aliens and the entire illegal immigration crime wave.

This site deserves a look, after you read what these Americans have to say…please send it around – maybe the president will see it.

From the Website “You don’t speak for me”

Our Principles
We are Americans of Hispanic heritage who believe in America. We believe in the governmental institutions and laws that make this country the greatest in the world. It is because of this strong belief in the principles of freedom, individual liberties, the rule of law, and democracy that we formed You Don’t Speak for Me!: American Hispanic Voices Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration.

American Hispanic voices are being shouted down by the hate and race-directed rhetoric of those who do not appreciate the laws of our country. We of You Don’t Speak for Me! give voice to those without a voice and those whose opposition to illegal immigration is drowned out by illegal aliens and their supporters marching in the streets demanding undeserved “rights” of U.S. citizens.

We are standing together to say to the those who come here illegally and those who would give amnesty to those who have broken our laws, you are wrong and you should not be claiming to speak for all American Hispanics. You Don’t Speak for Me!

Our principles are simple:
All immigration should be legal
Illegal immigration hurts everyone, while carefully planned legal immigration helps. We believe in stopping illegal immigration and securing the national and economic future of our nation.

Illegal aliens from any country should never be rewarded with benefits or privileges
Becoming an American citizen is a unique and wonderful privilege. The legal route to becoming a citizen is not easy and requires patience and hard work. Those who break the law and come illegally should not be granted any benefits or privileges. No driver’s license, no welfare benefits, no free health care, no in-state tuition – simply put . . . no state or federal benefits!

No amnesty – no way!
Amnesty is rewarding people who break the law. From past experience we have learned that granting amnesty only leads to increased illegal immigration. Those here illegally are taking advantage of our compassion. We say No Amnesty-No Way!

Secure our borders now and fully enforce immigration laws
The best way to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming across our borders is to build a high security fence along the length of our southern border where the majority of illegal traffic takes place. We must also vigorously enforce our existing immigration laws. Local and state law enforcement should be free to enforce immigration laws. Employers who hire illegal workers should be heavily fined and if a pattern of practice is established their owners/corporate officers should be fined and jailed for the offenses and the corporate charter revoked. Identification documents must be limited and strong security measures like biometrics applied to documents of foreign workers. American citizens driver’s licenses are now secured by the Real ID Act, non-citizens should be required to present documents not susceptible to fraud and counterfeit, and include biometric security measures – especially for work purposes.

Learn and speak English
Learning the language of this country is the very least an immigrant can do. Learn and speak English. Learn the history of this country. Learn the Constitution and civics. Learn and practice the principles that make America the greatest country in the world.

May 14, 2006

Living proof of Cynthia Tucker’s desperation

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This from the AJC’s Cynthia Tucker in today’s AJC. I don’t think Cynthia likes me. Yawn.

Tucker’s address is Letters to the editor at AJC go to

There are clearly legitimate worries about the burdens of illegal immigration. Communities with a huge influx of newcomers have struggled to accommodate schoolchildren who speak little English, to provide health care to uninsured pregnant women and to enforce housing codes in areas where undocumented workers crowd together in tight quarters.

But those legitimate concerns can be drowned out by the bigoted messages of xenophobes such as D.A. King, a Cobb County man who has emerged as one of the loudest local critics of illegal immigrants. Though he insists he supports legal immigration, he rails against cultural change.

Read the rest of Tucker’s editorial piece here.

Remeber, if you continue to say illegal immmigration wrong for America, you could be next on Cynthia’s hit list.

Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood on American borders and American troops

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Troops on the Border: Reality versus Spin
By U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood

Earlier this year Arizona Governor Janet Napalitano announced a “state of emergency” for the Arizona border due to the flood of illegal immigration, and ordered her National Guard to the border with Mexico.

The “deployment” consisted of about 170 Guardsmen, who were assigned to help inspect cargo shipments coming through legal entry points, which does nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration one whit. But even if they had been assigned to real border patrol duty, that’s less that one soldier for every 2 miles of Arizona’s border with Mexico.

The “deployment” was simply a public relations stunt to persuade the public that a governor who has supported defacto open borders and illegal immigrant rights her entire political career is suddenly tough on illegal immigration.

This Monday night, President Bush is expected to deliver a speech on immigration reform, and multiple media leaks indicate it may include a plan to use troops on the border with Mexico.

That proposal has already been actively lobbied for by multiple members of Congress, and garners somewhere between 60 and 90 percent approval in public opinion polls – a real crowd pleaser.

But will the proposal be real, or just spin?

The truth will lie in the proposed numbers, and whether the plan is for a short-term demonstration project or a long-term strategy for truly securing our southern border.

A real plan has already been proposed, with full details and research data included in last year’s Immigration Reform Caucus special report, “Results and Implications of the Minutemen Project.”

Under that plan, the southern border can be virtually closed except at legal points of entry within a one-month period – at the longest. The flood of illegal immigration that has plagued America since the last amnesty plan in 1986 will be over.

It will initially take 36,000 troops. At the start, they should be National Guard personnel drawn nationally. There isn’t enough National Guard in the border states alone to do the job without hindering combat readiness, so the forces will need to be pulled from other states as well under current National Guard Bureau assistance regulations.

36,000 troops will provide an average of three two-man teams per border mile for the entire 1,951-mile border with Mexico, working eight-hour shifts. Once in place on the ground, the deployment will need to be increased to 48,000 troops, to provide necessary manpower for time-off, sick leave, and long-term support services.

From the day the first National Guard boot hits the desert sand, we will need to expend all efforts to replace them as soon as possible through use of every other available resource. Our Guard is stressed to the max with missions in Iraq and Afghanistan; they can’t be left on duty in the desert long-term. The first goal should be to return every initial deployed Guardsman back home in 90 days.

Immediate replacements should be called up from our Civil Air Patrol, State Defense Forces, and Coast Guard Auxiliary. We should also consider initiating a permanent, volunteer U.S. Border Patrol Auxiliary, with the same support functions as the Civil Air Patrol to the U.S. Air Force, or the Coast Guard Auxiliary to the Coast Guard proper.

As these personnel come online, the corresponding number of National Guard troops can be discharged. The President will need to make a bully pulpit call to rejuvenate our State Defense Forces, the reserve to the National Guard, for this mission. We have unfortunately allowed these state-level military reserves to drop from WWII levels of 175,000 troops to just 15,000 today, so this in fact would be a big help in America’s overall homeland security, not just in securing our borders.

These military auxiliary forces should in turn be replaced as rapidly as possible by federal troops returning from overseas duty, with an estimated 70,000 on the way now as a result of BRAC. Seems we’ve had no problems securing half the borders of the world, we just can’t find a way to secure our own.

Within a year, we should have replaced all our initially-deployed National Guard and military auxiliary forces, and have the border under fulltime federal control with an estimated 50,000 DOD troops in the field in addition to our current Border Patrol.

America’s nightmare on the border would be over, permanently, starting within a week of an Executive Order by the President, with no new laws required.

If President Bush signed that order Monday night, our border would be secure for the first time in decades by Memorial Day at the latest. Mr. Fox and La Raza wouldn’t like it – but the American people sure would.

Estimated costs are around $2.5 billion per year – a bargain, compared to what our immigration disaster is already costing American taxpayers.

Once the border is secure, we can began installing the new infrastructure and technology that will allow us to permanently secure the nation – fencing, lighting, sensors, roads, cameras, ultra-light aerial observation vehicles.

We will have the time to train and deploy as many new Border Patrol agents as necessary for permanent security with the new infrastructure in place.

That shouldn’t take the two years the Border Patrol is currently taking. There’s no reason we can’t have a 90-day Border Patrol boot camp like we do for our U.S. Marines. True, we might not be able to get them fluent in Spanish in 90 days, but I don’t recall us requiring our Marines be fluent in Arabic before sending them off to Iraq.

Some estimate the permanent expanded number of Border Patrol agents needed with the infrastructure and technology in place at 25,000. But the beauty of having the border secure up front is that we can take our time in determining that number, and get it right. The same luxury applies to our infrastructure decisions.

We can probably expect those improvements to take 2-5 years to get in place. During that timeframe, troop levels can be gradually reduced as new infrastructure is completed and new Border Patrol officers are placed in the field. Within 5 years, we will have a rebuilt, properly manned, and rejuvenated Border Patrol with the tools they need to get the job done.

That’s the formula for using American troops to successfully, immediately, and permanently secure our border.

With that kind of action, the President would have House Members sitting up and paying attention to any suggestion on improving our legal guest worker programs, and in dealing with illegals aliens already in the country.

But there’s another troop formula, ala Janet Napalitano, designed to win public opinion points without really changing anything, to hoodwink the House into going along with the Senate’s grotesque amnesty plan, and to leave the southern border open to new waves of illegal aliens in order to drive down American wages for employers and Wall Street.

That formula calls for a few thousand National Guard to be deployed to the border on a short-term temporary basis, with a generic mission to “assist the Border Patrol”. It would call for new technology and infrastructure, with no commitment to time certain or specifics. It would call for an increased Border Patrol, to the tune of maybe 1500 a year, with two years of training before being allowed to enter the field.

And that formula would allow waves of millions of new illegal immigrants, lured by promises of amnesty from the President and the Senate, to continue swarming across our southern border in record numbers for years to come.

We will all be waiting Monday night to discover which plan the President has in mind for America.

May 12, 2006

D.A. King goes to San Antonio and hangs out with the NPR crowd. Panel discussion on Latinos, borders and that pesky rule of law. Multi-media.

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Panel discussion on illegal immigration in the media now and this weekend. See below for information.

D.A. King, president of The Dustin Inman Society was a panelist on a seven member panel discussion on Latinos and illegal immigration that was broadcast live on Texas PBS TV [KLRN-TV] and Texas Public Radio from San Antonio last Sunday, May 7, 2006.

Different versions of the event available this online and on PBS TV this weekend.

Panelists were:
Henry Cisneros, former Mayor of San Antonio and former HUD Secretary in the Clinton administration.
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author, radio host and Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Archbishop of San Antonio Jose H. Gomez.
Macarana Hernandez, Editorial writer, Dallas Morning News
D.A. King, president the Dustin Inman Society/columnist, Marietta Daily Journal, Marietta, Georgia.
Richard Langlois, Chairman, Bexar [Tx[ county GOP, Criminal defense attorney, San Antonio.
Lee Teran Clinical Professor of Law St. Mary’s University & Immigration Lawyer

Moderator: Maria Hinojosa, PBS NOW correspondent and National Council of La Raza Award Ruben Salazar winner, formerly with CNN.

We hope that you can find time to watch or listen to one or all of the three versions of the event. There was a live audience present and the Q&A segment was quite lively.

Information on accessing the panel discussion below.

Listen to a tape of the live audio of complete one hour panel discussion [ without Q&A] taped from the live broadcast on Texas Public Radio [unedited] here. Available now.

The PBS broadcast [edited, with some Q&A] here . Please check your local PBS listings for the NOW show. See NOW schedule online here. [ hold the “face for radio” letters please.]


Listen to Latino USA – NPR national radio broadcast [edited] here.

Read San Antonio Express-News report here.

Feedback to D.A King [please] contact info for PBS and NPR available on respective Websites above.

May 9, 2006

Here are the words to the new Spanish language national anthem

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Much has been said about the Spanish nati0nal anthem.

It may come as a surprise to many that it was not simply translated…it was re-written. See if it sounds like the Saturday ball game to you.

Note verse two. It is time to “break the chains” indeed.

I wondered for a while if we could expect to see a new or additional national flag soon, then I realized that it already exists.
The Americans’ turn comes in November.

Verse 1

It’s sunrise. Do you see by the light of the dawn

What we proudly hailed last nightfall?

Its stars, its stripes

yesterday streamed

above fierce combat

a symbol of victory

the glory of battle, the march toward liberty.

Throughout the night, they proclaimed: “We will defend it!”


Tell me! Does its starry beauty still wave

above the land of the free,

the sacred flag?

Verse 2

Its stars, its stripes,

liberty, we are equals.

We are brothers in our anthem.

In fierce combat, a symbol of victory

the glory of battle,

(My people fight on)

the march toward liberty.

(The time has come to break the chains.)

Throughout the night they proclaimed: “We will defend it!”

Tell me! Does its starry beauty still wave

above the land of the free,

the sacred flag?

May 5, 2006

Too bad for Americans that Bush is not more like Fox?

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From Associated Press and

Fox pledged to “guarantee the rule of law,” though earlier, violent demonstrations by the same group of townspeople here have largely gone unpunished.

Fox condemns uprising in Mexican town

“…The regrettable, violent acts perpetrated by a small group yesterday in the state of Mexico are an outrage against society and an attack on the rule of law,” President Vicente Fox said Thursday. “No cause justifies breaking the law.”

You can read the rest of the CNN report here if you want.

Umm…amnesty again anyone?

May 3, 2006

Let’s stop pretending

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Let’s stop pretending

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, May 3, 2006

When asked about what have become ominously known as “get tough” solutions to the illegal immigration disaster created by his refusal to secure American borders in the war on terror – the President of the United States is pretending that a border fence is not a solution and recently announced “mass deportations will not work.”

Let’s stop pretending.

Having been to Washington D.C. many times, I make the observation that the fence around the White House seems to be working very well. Anyone, and everyone, who illegally makes it over – or under – that barrier is quickly and correctly removed.

A problem I doubt the President has ever dealt with: Several years ago, I walked into the laundry room of the only home we have ever owned – built in 1984 by Americans who were paid a living American wage – to find that a water hose on the old Maytag had burst. The inch deep level of unwanted water was rising fast. Without hesitation, I turned off the water supply and then began to remove the water a little at a time.

It worked.

By stopping the flow of water, we were then able to clean up the mess.

I would never have pretended that I could have repaired the water hose or returned our humble residence to normal without first stopping the deluge that would have eventually swamped our entire home. I never pretended I could convince my wife that we must learn to live with the obvious problem.

Like turning off the water, the first step in saving our nation must be to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

I mention this because many who profit from the fact that nearly 10 percent of Mexico now lives in the United States pretend that there are only two choices in dealing with the millions of illegal aliens who have been allowed to live, steal wages and choose which of our laws they will obey here.

We are asked to believe that either we round up all of the illegals and get them out of the country by sundown tomorrow, or, that we wave the white flag of surrender, meet their demands and make them American citizens. Having falsely established those two limited choices, the illegal alien lobby then tells us that it is impossible to accomplish the former because it would be too expensive and we don’t possess the means to move millions of people.

The amnesty lobby also hopes that we are not aware that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a study that reports that it will be five years before we will have the technical ability to do a background check and process even 11 million illegal aliens for another amnesty like the one we tried in 1986.

If you believe there are only 11 million illegals here, you may also believe that our old Maytag only leaked one gallon of water when the hose failed.

The current anarchy in our republic did not develop overnight. The threat to our national sovereignty and the fearless demands of “civil rights” from the mob who should be marching in their own nation’s streets has taken more than 30 years to build. Let’s stop pretending that it will be instantly eliminated.

Only when we elect leadership that will first secure our borders, then begin to punish the criminal employers and bankers who, along with the government of Mexico, have been allowed to dictate our national immigration and security policy will we be able to clean up the national mess they have created.

Steady attrition of the illegal alien population by enforcement of existing laws is the solution.

Let’s stop pretending that the president is doing much of anything to stop illegal immigration. Let’s stop pretending that he ever will. Let’s not pretend that another amnesty will work.

Let’s stop pretending that the survival of any political party is more important than that of our children’s republic.

Let’s stop pretending that enforcing American laws and securing American borders is impossible – or somehow un-American.

Who organized the MAYDAY boycott and illegal alien rallies? – Or how do you say “Comrade” in Spanish?

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Many have written and called asking how the illegal aliens could have organized the recent boycott and rallies around the nation.

Below is an article from World Net Daily that should educate those who are new to the real agenda behind the open borders/amnesty lobby.

Below that, a link to what Michelle Malkin has to say about it.

Amnesty anyone?

May Day protest organized by communists
World Net Daily

The “Immigrant Boycott Day” was intentionally scheduled for May 1, worldwide known as the communist and socialist “May Day” holiday celebrating the struggle of “exploited workers” internationally. This scheduling decision was downplayed by the mainstream media. Documenting how carefully the radical political left staged and managed this May 1 protest, we found clear evidence that the message of the event was intended to be a communist and socialist anti-U.S. message.

….here for rest of article.
Reconquista is real, Michelle Malkin in Human Events online.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. While the mainstream media heaped praise on the “peaceful” May Day protesters and newspapers plastered sympathetic photos of the pro-illegal alien “sea of humanity” all over their front pages, freelance photographers, bloggers and radio interviewers captured a sea of open-borders militancy nationwide.

Ever wonder where Mexican taxes go?

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This from the Center for Immigration Studies

Mexican politicians continuously demand more visas for their citizens, an expanded guest-worker program, and “regularization” of illegal aliens living north of the Rio Grande. While neglecting to mention that the United States admits nearly one million legal newcomers each year, they also fail to publicize: (1) the extremely high salaries they receive, often—in the case of federal and state legislators—more than their counterparts in developed nations that have substantially longer annual sessions, (2) the generous stipends that they grant themselves, including year-end aguinaldos and end-of-term bonuses of tens of thousands of dollars known as bonos de marcha, and (3) the generous sums that party leaders in legislative bodies have to spend with few or any strings attached.

For example,

President Vicente Fox ($236,693) makes more than the leaders of France ($95,658), the U.K. ($211,434), and Canada ($75,582).

Although they are in session only a few months a year, Mexican deputies take home at least $148,000—substantially more than their counterparts in France ($78,000), Germany ($105,000), and congressmen throughout Latin America.

At the end of the three-year term, Mexican deputies voted themselves a $28,000 “leaving-office bonus.”

Members of the 32 state legislatures ($60,632) earn on average twice the amount earned by U.S. state legislators ($28,261). The salaries and bonuses of the lawmakers in Baja California ($158,149), Guerrero ($129,630), and Guanajuato ($111,358) exceed the salaries of legislators in California ($110,880), the District of Columbia ($92,500), Michigan ($79,650), and New York ($79,500).

Members of the city council of Saltillo, San Luis PotosĂ­, not only received a salary of $52,778 in 2005, but they awarded themselves a $20,556 end-of-year bonus.

Average salaries (plus Christmas stipends known as aguinaldos) place the average compensation of Mexican state executives at $125,759, which exceeds by almost $10,000 the mean earnings of their U.S. counterparts ($115,778). On average, governors received aguinaldos of $14,346 in 2005—a year when 60 percent of Mexicans received no year-end bonuses.

Read the report here.

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