January 12, 2018

Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon has introduced his official English legislation – Senate Resolution 587

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Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon, author and sponsor of SR587  photo: Georgia senate


Thank you, to state Senator Josh McKoon and his 30-ish co-signers!

The politicians under the Gold Dome can vote to allow us to answer the below question on the ballot when we vote in November. It must pass the state senate and the state house with a 2/3rds majority. If you want the ability to vote on it, you need to tell your state legislators every week from now until March. Senate contact info here. House contact info here.

You will know when you run up on a dishonest, anti-English opponent when they describe this as “English only.” It isn’t English only, it is English as official. Comprende? 

Proposed ballot question:

“Shall the constitution of Georgia be amended to provide that English is the official language of the State of Georgia?”

YES or NO.