December 1, 2017

Georgiafornia trails California in number of foreign languages used for drivers license exam – but only by three

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Image of drivers license issued to legal immigrants, guest workers and to illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation in Georgia – DDS


In Georgia, the Department of Drivers Services accommodates eleven (11) foreign languages for the road rules written exam.

California does the same, but uses fourteen (14) foreign languages (is there really such a thing as a “foreign language” in California?).

We predict that the people who really run Georgia will soon catch up and eventually out-do California. ICYMI, Georgia has passed the fifty thousand marker on the number of drivers licenses and/or official photo ID Cards it has issued to illegal aliens who have deferred action on deportation. 

Georgia gives these happy deferred action illegal aliens the exact same drivers license we give to real immigrants and Mercedes Benz executives. Even California has a notably different drivers license for the formerly “undocumented.”

Mexico does not issue drivers licenses to any illegal aliens. When the Democrats were last in power in Georgia, illegal aliens could not legally obtain a Georgia drivers license.