October 29, 2010

FOX FIVE NEWSMAKER – D.A. King VIDEO (a tired face for radio) Newsmaker: Hiring Illegal Immigrants

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Newsmaker: Hiring Illegal Immigrants

, 28 Oct 2010
28 Oct 2010, 11:55 PM EDT


ATLANTA – E-Verify is a free service sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security that allows companies to verify a potential employee’s immigration status. So why aren’t all employers using it? Employers can only use the service when they make a new hire. So what about undocumented workers who are already employed?

An estimated half million illegal immigrants live in Georgia. Four counties take part in 287(g), the federal program allowing local sheriffs to screen for undocumented immigrants. Cherokee County is awaiting approval.

So far nearly 16,000 suspected illegal aliens have been turned over to immigrations authorities through the 287(g) program in Georgia.

D.A. King, a prominent opponent of illegal immigration in Georgia stopped by the FOX 5 studios Thursday to talk about the topic.