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See collected columns by D.A. King published in:
The Marietta Daily Journal The Atlanta Journal Constitution The Athens Banner Herald
The Douglas Enterprise The Gwinnett Daily Post The Red and Black
The Waycross Journal-Herald The Washington Times The Sunday Paper
The Gainesville Times Insider Advantage Georgia Cherokee Tribune
The Macon Telegraph Carrollton Star News (Georgia) Sylvester Local
Vidalia Advance - Progress Southern Political Report Augusta Chronicle
Chattanooga Times Fayette County Citizen Nashville Tennessean
Dalton Citizen Fox News Latino Breitbart News
Savannah Morning News Times-Courier (Ellijay, Ga.) Bucks County Courier Times (Pa.)

Audio statement by Georgia State Senator Sam Zamarripa
Audio interview with Atlanta State Senator Sam Zamarripa and D.A. King, by Maria Hinojosa, Latino USA, October 14, 2004. (program #600). You can also listen to this audio in mp3 format.

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Other news sources in Georgia:

Atlanta Latino (purports to be a "bi-lingual" news source - click on the "English" tab, top right).

La Vision newspaper.

Mundo Hispanico, Atlanta (click on the English tab - "Ingles", top left)

See our recommended reading book list for books on illegal immigration reform.

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