Illegal alien lobby eating the elephant one bite at a time D.A. King

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, August 24, 2005

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

The Cobb government's hosting, free of charge, of the Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc.'s (Day of the Latin American Woman Inc.) Latino Health Fiesta & Job Fair was an ill-advised effort to "provide for the safety of its residents."

It was in reality, another bite out of the elephant. The bad news is that we as a nation of law are the elephant. And we are being eaten - a bite at a time - literally every day.

Cobb county government was an un-witting accomplice to at least one federal crime Saturday, not the least of which was aiding and abetting many (for-profit) corporations to induce hundreds of illegal aliens to remain and reside in the United States for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain.

I urge all concerned to read USC Title 8, 1324 before any more taxpayer funded "Latino Health Fiesta's" are approved.

As someone who studies the consequences of our intentionally un-secured borders, I can report that Cobb's event was typical - similar events are staged all over the country each week by the profiteering illegal alien lobby and the government of Mexico.

Hundreds of people attended. Spanish was the language of the day. One could gaze on the crowd, listen to the music, smell the food, eavesdrop on the chatter and easily have imagined that the location was a Mexican village far from Cobb - if it were not for the uniformed Cobb County Police on bicycles.

Along with, and far out-numbering the health screening exhibitors, were the vendors looking for, and finding, the real object of the day: the American dollar - and another bite out of the elephant.

To this taxpayer, two of the more interesting exhibitors were El Banco De Nuestra Cumunidad (The Bank of Our Community) and Kingston Mortgage Inc. of Atlanta.

"Heath screening" indeed.

El Banco De Nuestra Cumunidad, had two tables (at $500 each), and was not only soliciting to open accounts for people who do not have a credit history or a Social Security number, but also very busy making and issuing photo ID cards for them.

"El Banco", as I call it, not only brings in profits by cashing checks and helping send illegally earned money out of the U.S. - but also makes mortgage loans to illegal aliens - the "people who don't have a credit history or a Social Security number".

If you find yourself getting confused on the issue of illegal immigration, simply "follow the money" and think about how many more bites the elephant can tolerate and survive.

Kingston Mortgage Inc. presented a table full of booklets, sign-up forms, and loan brochures. It also makes it clear that illegal immigration status is not a deterrent to doing business - or them approving a Home Loan. Ahh...the American Dream.

It also had my favorite slogan of the day: "The Zebra Project Inc." the division of the company that is "making mortgage loans to people of every stripe".

The Zebra Project is another bite out of the elephant.

I doubt that I am the only resident who does not see the connection here to health issues, and does not feel any safer knowing that my tax dollars have helped pay for these lenders to encourage illegal aliens to remain in Georgia and the U.S. while they make millions of dollars in the process.

Look around. Illegal immigration is not a "federal problem." The days of state and local politicians ignoring the crisis in hopes that it, and the desperate citizens who cannot ignore it - will simply go away - are over.

It is past time for American government, on all levels, to find the courage to pick a side and help fight the organized crime that is devouring the rule of law in our children's America.

Last week, the Coweta County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to have all county agencies immediately stop providing services to illegal aliens.

Absent the promised protection of the federal government, we too must do what is necessary in Cobb to make our selves less attractive to illegal immigration and those who profit from that crime.

To do nothing is no longer acceptable.

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