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Audio clips of the true agenda of Illegal Alien Lobby.

Recommended reading

Fighting Immigration Anarchy - American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation, Daniel Sheehy; Authorhouse, 2005, ISBN 1-4208-6631-1 (hardcover, $24), ISBN 1-4208-6632-X (softcover, $16), (329 p).
This book is a frightening alarm of the ethnic disorder and financial breakdown that are created by the corrupt political, business, and media elites pursuing a globalist agenda. But the book also provides hope that America can be preserved as a unique nation under the rule of law. The tales of individual citizens seizing the initiative to do the job Washington wonít ó protect the country from foreign invasion ó are both an inspiration and a playbook. In the spirit of 1776, dedicated patriots show how itís done, and prove that individual courage still matters.
Common Sense on Mass Immigration, The Social Contract Press, 2004 ($1).
This small booklet contains 20 articles on mass immigration. This booklet is an excellent introduction to the topic and is ideal to distribute to those who are not fully informed on the issue.
The Death of the West, Patrick J. Buchanan; St. Martin's Press, 2002, ISBN 0-312-28548-5 (308p, $26).
Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, Michelle Malkin; Regnery Publishing, 2002, ISBN 0-89526-146-4, (332 p). An important book and a stunning indictment of how our government lets known terrorists, murders, and criminals into the U.S. Malkin shows how political correctness, liberal bias, and outright fraud have endangered and cost American lives. , Michelle Malkin, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2002, ISBN 0-89526-146-4 (332p, $28).
Mexifornia: A State of Becoming, Victor Davis Hanson, Encounter Books, 2003, ISBN 1893554732. A valuable and truly insightful analysis; readers genuinely interested in the subject would do well to take in what he has to report.

America Balkanized: Immigration's Challenge to Government, Brent A. Nelson; American Immigration Control Foundation, Box 525, Monterey, VA 24465, ISBN 0936247142 (148p, $10).
Americans No More, The Death Of Citizenship Georgie Anne Geyer; Atlantic Monthly Press, 1996, ISBN 0-87113-650-3, (352p, $23). A controversial but much-needed book asking the questions posed by our founding fathers: "What makes an American citizen? Who belongs to the American polity, and why?"
Blurred Boundaries: Migration, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Rainer Baubock (Ed.), John Rundell (Ed.); Ashgate Publishing, 1999, ISBN 1840148934, ($42). From the publisher: The underlying theme of the book are new forms of cultural diversity which result from migration and globalization. The book addresses two tasks: 1) To compare different national contexts and types of ethnic groups (immigrant and indigenous, linguistic and religious minorities) and to discuss how policies of multicultural integration have to be adapted in order to cope with such differences. 2) To evaluate the impact of common trends of globalization which link societies and encourage convergence between national models of multicultural integration.
Elephants in the Volkswagen Lindsay Grant; ed. W.H. Freeman & Co., 1992, ISBN 0-7167-2267-4, $22.95. 0-7167-2268-2 (pbk.), (272p, $13.95). Available from The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, MI 49770, 800.352.4843, ISBN 0-7167-2268-2, (272p, $15). A series of essays courageously attacking the hard questions about overpopulation. The reader may be surprised to learn that we really can do something about overpopulation.
Fences and Neighbors: The Political Geography of Immigration Control, Jeannette Money; Cornell Univ Press, 1999, ISBN 0801435706, (264p, $40). The author draws on detailed evidence from Britain, France, Australia, and the United States, to demonstrate that local support for immigration is contingent upon economic conditions, as also dependent on the number of foreigners entering the country and their access to the welfare state. Only if local constituencies are critical to maintaining a national electoral majority will local pressures be translated into national immigration policies.
Fifty Million Californians, Leon Bouvier; 1991, ISBN: 1881290247, (93p, $10). In this state-specific study, Dr. Bouvier outlines the impact of heavy immigration on various states and the disastrous future to which it leads.
Excellent Fixing the INSanity, Neville W. Cramer, Special Agent, INS (Retired), Immigration Enforcement Solutions, LLC, 2005, ISBN: 0976282003, (197p, $20)
Florida in the 21st Century, Leon Bouvier; ($11). In this state-specific study, Dr. Bouvier outlines the impact of heavy immigration on various states and the disastrous future to which it leads.
Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy and the American Economy, George J. Borjas; Princeton Univ Press, 1999, ISBN 0691059667, (264p, $28), (review). The U.S. took in more than a million immigrants per year in the late 1990s, more than at any other time in history. For humanitarian and many other reasons, this may be good news. But as George Borjas shows in Heaven's Door, it's decidedly mixed news for the American economy--and positively bad news for the country's poorest citizens.
Global Futures: Migration, Environment, and Globalization, Avtar Brah (Ed.), Mary J. Hickman (Ed.), Mairtin Mac an Ghaill (Ed.), St Martins Press, 1999, ISBN 0312221355, (288p, $69).
How Many Americans: Population, Immigration, and the Environment. The population of the United States has tripled within this century, and our over-consumption of resources is a leading cause of many international environmental problems including acid rain and global warming. Lowering mass immigration levels becomes necessary in order to achieve environmental sustainability.
How to Win the Immigration Debate, Scipio Garling; Federation for American Immigration Reform, 1997, ISBN 0935776249, (150p, $5).
Illegal Entries, retired Border Patrol Special Agent John Slagle, ISBN 4-4140-4327-9. Available through for $12.50 paperback; $4.50 electronic version.
Illegal Entries is about the U.S. Border Patrol, illegal immigration, narcotics interdictions, terrorist factions and failed political policies spanning three decades. The book recounts first-hand field experience and provides an explanation of why 10 to 12 million illegal aliens are now in the US. Politicians from both parties in Congress, in a quest for cheap labor and votes, created the monster that is devouring the United States from within.
Immigration's Unarmed Invasion, by Frosty Wooldridge; Author House, 2004; ISBN 1-4184-6386-8.
Importing Revolution: Open Borders and the Radical Agenda, William R. Hawkins; American Immigration Control Foundation, Box 525, Monterey, VA 24465, 1994, ISBN 0936247150, (209p, $8).
Mexican Migration to the United States: The Role of Migration Networks and Human Capital Accumulation, Steven Zahniser; Garland Publishing, 1999, ISBN 0815331991, (250p, $79). From the Garland Studies in the History of American Labor.
Misplaced Blame: The Real Roots of Population Growth, Alan Thein Durning and Christopher D. Crowther; Northwest Environment Watch; ISBN 1886093059, (1997). The authors argue that much of the population growth overrunning parts of North America springs from rarely-noted root causes: poverty, sexual abuse, underfunded family planning services, subsidies to domestic migration, and ill-guided immigration policy. From Center for Immigration Studies: Each chapter identifies one "root" of population growth, including Root 5, Misguided Immigration Laws. While strongly defending immigrants' rights, the report notes that supporting recent immigrants is not the same as supporting open-throttle immigration, and concludes that proper immigration reform would end up closing the immigration door quite a bit --perhaps reducing immigration rates by half, perhaps by more.
Overshoot, The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change, William R. Catton, Jr.; University of Illinois Press, 1980, ISBN 0-252-00818-9 (hard cover), (270p, $30), ISBN 0-252-00988-6 (paperback). An important book - well written with a rich bibliography.
Population Growth Control: The Next Move is America's, Stephen D. Mumford; 1977, ISBN 0802222005, (out of print).
Re-charting America's Future: Responses to Arguments Against Stabilizing U.S. Population, Roy Beck; The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, MI 49770, 1994, 800.352.4843, ISBN 1881780066, (217p, $10). Examines the arguments used to justify federal immigration policies that force U.S. population growth, both of which are opposed by the majority of Americans.
Immigration Statistics: Information Gaps, Quality Issues Limit Utility of Federal Data to Policymakers, Eric M. Larson; Diane Publishing, ISBN: 0788177338, (87 p, $20), (order directly from publisher).
Stalking the Wild Taboo, Garret Hardin; Social Contract Press; ISBN 1881780112, (376p, $16). This first volume in the Garrett Hardin Reprint Series has over sixty pages of new material including a new preface and three never-before-published essays. Dr. Hardin undertakes to shatter the misconceptions that haunt and confuse many of the most important topics of our times.
State Profiles: The Population & Economy of Each U.S. State (State Profiles, 1999), Courtenay M. Slater (Ed.), Martha Davis; Bernan Associates, 1999, ISBN 0890591598, (450p, $65). Locate economic and demographic data for each U.S. state presented in compact, standardized state chapters using charts, tables and interpretive text. Population, income, employment, earnings by industry, education, exports and government finances are among the topics covered. The standardized format facilitates easy comparisons of data among the states. Comparable national and regional data also are included.
The Case Against Immigration, Roy Beck; W.W. Norton & Co., 1996, ISBN 0-393-03915-3, (287p, $24). This book is not anti-immigrant, but makes a convincing case that the impact of mass immigration is devastating and the need for new legislation urgent.
The Environmentalist's Guide to a Sensible Immigration Policy Scipio Garling, Ira Mehlman; Federation for American Immigration Reform, 1999, ISBN 0-935776-26-5, (63 p, $10). A well-written and easily-read booklet presenting the environmental impacts of the population and mass immigration problem.
The Immigration Debate, Ed. James P. Smith; National Academy Press, 1998, ISBN 0309059984, (300p, $47). [This book is available online - see The Impact of Recent Immigration on Population Redistributrion Within the United States. Includes case studies of the fiscal effects of immigration in New Jersey and California, studies of the impact of immigration on population redistribution and on crime in the United States, and much more.
The Immigration Dilemma: Avoiding the Tragedy of the Commons, Garrett Hardin; Federation For Immigration Reform, ISBN 0-935776-15-X, 1995, (140p, $5). This collection of Hardin's writings shows how timely his warnings have been that too many people pursuing scarce resources spell ultimate disaster. A sorely-needed moral compass on the issues of immigration.
Mechanics of Immigration Control: A Comparative Analysis of European Regulation Policies, Tomas Hammar, Grete Brochmann; New York University Press, 1999, ISBN 1859732674, (316p, $65).
The Immigration Invasion, Wayne Lutton & John Tanton; 1994, The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, MI 49770, 800.352.4843, (190p, $5). The authors present an ethical framework for setting immigration policy, followed by detailed and specific recommendations for changes.
The Life and Death of NSSM 200 ("National Security Study Memorandum 200") - How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy, Stephen D. Mumford, Center for Research on Population and Security, P.O. Box 13067, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709, 919.933.7491, ISBN 093730705X, (580p. hard cover: $43, paper: $19). Read the overview! (The full text and summary is also available at and
The Path To National Suicide, Lawrence Auster; American Immigration Control Foundation, PO Box 525, Monterey, VA 24465, 1990, ISBN 0-936247-12-6, (94p).
Thirty Million Texans, Leon Bouvier; ISBN 1881290204, (93p, $11). In this state-specific study, Dr. Bouvier outlines the impact of heavy immigration on various states and the disastrous future to which it leads.
Unguarded Gates - A History of America's Immigration Crisis by Otis L. Graham, Jr. (Rowman & Littlefield, 2004, ISBN 0-7425-2228-8). (Read reviews on
Unwelcome Strangers: American Identity and the Turn Against Immigration, David M. Reimers; Columbia Univ Press, 1999, ISBN 0231109571, ($18). A definitive history of the current immigration reduction movement. This book discusses both sides of the economic, social, and environmental arguments against mass immigration. Excellent reading for both historians and current policy makers.
Whatever It Takes, J. D. Hayworth, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2006, ISBN 089526028X, (256 p, $18). An excellent and informative read exposing the illegal immigration and border security crisis. (Review).
World Population, Leon F. Bouvier, Jane T. Bertrand; Seven Locks Press, 1999, ISBN: 0929765664, (203 p, $13). "Readable, insightful, scholarly, and objective. Whatever your view on population growth, few disagree that it presents the future with some major challenges. An important book about a fast developing, worldwide problem." -- Richard D. Lamm. "Bouvier and Bertrand's new book offers a measured and informed appraisal - for those who would prefer to actually understand." -- Michael S. Teitelbaum.
World War III, Population and the Biosphere At the End of the Millennium, Michael Tobias; Continuum Pub Group, 1997, ISBN 0826410855, (300p, $16); (review essay). Also available from DESIP bookstore. Tobias argues that humanity is waging a war of aggression against the planet. He travels around China, Indonesia, India, Kenya, the US, and Antarctica and returns, laden with fact and anecdote, to tell us that there are too many of us and that rapine economic development is killing the planet. At current birth and death rates, the world is adding a Los Angeles every three weeks. Tobias is both knowledgeable and passionate in his attempt to reconcile scientific rationality with a religious reverence for the planet.
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American Immigration Control Foundation
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Negative Population Growth
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EcoFuture population books and reports