No to "Georgiafornia!"

Our use of the term "Georgiafornia" is intended to point out that by allowing our elected officials, criminal employers, and the illegal alien lobby to continue to ignore - and violate - the laws that are designed to protect and secure American citizens in Georgia, we are on a path that could lead to the same chaos that has befallen the once wealthy and desirable state of California.

Who Killed California?

"First, open borders. By failing to enforce our immigration laws, America now hosts 31 million legal immigrants and their children and 10 million illegals, most of them net tax consumers. California got the lion's share."

- Patrick J. Buchanan, 2003
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For those of us who recall the Georgia of only a decade ago, it is not difficult to recognize the warning signs that we are becoming a less livable state.

The financial costs to Georgia taxpayers of supplying (bilingual) education, incarceration, medical care and social benefits to the hundreds of thousands of people who are here in violation of our laws is becoming impossible to ignore.

The tragic story of the death of Dustin Inman and many others serves to illustrate the human cost to Georgia families.

Since the horror of 9/11, we have actually seen an enormous increase in un-inspected, illegal immigration into Georgia.

Real immigrants join the American family according to American law - and are welcomed.

Many would have us believe that we cannot survive and flourish without illegal labor. Many would have us believe that there are "jobs Americans will not do".

We know that Americans have always been willing to work in America, and that there are only wages on which Americans cannot live with dignity in their own country. Constantly putting forth the absurd notion that Georgians are lazy does not make it true.

Someone please point to a case of wages in Georgia having gone up because of illegal immigration!

What would our Grandfathers' say about the fact that English is now an optional language in Georgia?

In September 2003, about 200 illegal aliens gathered on the steps of the Georgia Capitol and defiantly demanded Georgia driver's licenses, the rights of citizens and...amnesty.

In a repeat of those demands, in September 2004, their number had grown to more than one thousand.

There were no apprehensions or arrests at either gathering.

See our 1000 Words page of photos if you were not one of the band of Georgians who took time to protest these and other examples of the path to Georgiafornia.

Resistance is not futile, and we believe that we have a duty to protect our children's Georgia. Please help save our state.

We will continually catalog the cost of illegal immigration to the Georgia taxpayers.

We invite your input and comments and with your permission, will post some of them on our feedback page.

See our 1,000 Words page of photos if you were not one of the band of Georgians who took time to protest these and other examples of the path to Georgiafornia.