ADL’s definition of ‘bigotry’ proving elastic

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, November 2, 2007

Wanna see the white wine set bellow? Stand up in a room - and write a newspaper column - to remind people that both illegal immigration and illegal employment are crimes.

Remind America that we are in a war on terror and that by leaving American borders porous, anyone, from anywhere in the world can - and does - walk into our nation … illegally. Everyday.

The goal for far too many with a vested financial interest in this criminal enterprise is to keep the borders open with the pretext of an ongoing "debate" on the "thorny problem" of illegal immigration and to keep the focus on what we are told are "undocumented workers."

What this crowd of professional hustlers will never tolerate is the American people's access to facts that the "mainstream" regards as too much information. Think: "The facts are not important" - "nothing happening here, go about your business."

Fact: Most illegal aliens are not "undocumented." (What should we call un-employed people? "Undocumented workers"?) In this space - and in the official language of the federal government - any foreign national in this nation illegally is an "illegal alien."

Whether thanks to stealing the identities of Americans or merely "looking for a better life" by creating fraudulent ID, very few illegals lack some form of documentation.

Fact: Illegal aliens come here mainly from Latin America - most of them from Mexico. Most are drawn here by the same employers who contribute to the elected officials who allow the crime to continue. And to the well-funded groups who feed on them.

Legal residents have real, verifiable, valid ID. Mexico, along with a growing number of other nations, provides photo IDs to its citizens who are already here illegally. That ID is called a "Matricula consular."

Fact: In 2003, the FBI testified to Congress that because of its ease of fraud and forgery, the Matricula consular represents a "criminal threat" and a "potential terror threat" to this country. This American has three Mexican Matricula. On one, I used the name "Al," as in "Al Qaida Gonzalez." Presenting a Mexican Matricula consular will get you on an airplane anywhere in the United States.

Fact: A 2006 House Committee on Homeland Security has reported that Hezbollah has entered our country through Mexico. Please stop reading if you don't see my point here.

Playing the race/bigotry card has always been the sure method of silencing any citizen who has the temerity to speak up on these pesky facts. Stand against illegal immigration and you'll be declared a bigoted anti-Hispanic and anti-immigration "hater" the next day - even if the outraged American opposing illegal immigration happens to be Hispanic - or black.

But it seems there are exceptions to the "anti-Hispanic" rule for some.

In 2002, the Anti-Defamation League put out a report called "Anti-Semitism on the Rise in America." The ADL poll found "an extraordinary gap between those born in the United States and those born abroad. The survey revealed that while 44 percent of foreign-born Hispanics hold hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs, 20 percent of Hispanic Americans born in the U.S. fall into the same category." It would seem that the ADL's perspective on Nigut's so-called "bludgeon of bigotry" changes with the times and political opportunities.

ADL Southeast head Bill Nigut has noted that I have written about the lack of the rule of law in Mexico and that we are illegally importing poverty and lawlessness. I stand by every word.

The ADL and Nigut released a new report last week, which howled about the fact that I have described the more than 20 million illegal aliens in our nation as a "horde." Apparently, that was "hate speech" and "dehumanized" those they call "immigrants."

I guess the use of this "dehumanizing hate speech" depends on whose ox is being gored.

Where was the outrage in 2005 when a report published by the ADL, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and the KSU Center for Hispanic Studies titled "Immigration: Facts, Myths and Public Policy Volume II," described the Border Patrol as employing "hordes of agents"?

According the IRS, the Anti-Defamation League had revenues in 2005 of more than $101 million. I work toward border security at my own expense.

Maybe Mr. Nigut would like to publicly debate the question of who should mow his lawn with someone who understands the consequences of illegal immigration.

Fact: I do.

D.A. King is head of the Dustin Inman Society.

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