How Far Is It From Illegal To Undocumented?

Article by D.A. King, published on, July 30, 2005

From here in Marietta , I often wonder what the exact distance is that an illegal alien who crosses our border from Mexico must travel into our nation before becoming an "undocumented worker."

Think about it. Brave Border Patrol Agents risk and lose their lives to apprehend literally thousands of illegal aliens each day, while politicians, bankers, criminal employers and such all-American groups as La Raza must wait until the illegals are somehow magically transformed into oppressed victims and a "burgeoning market."

At what distance from the barbwire does that transformation take place?

Here is a photo from earlier this week taken 12 miles from the Mexican border in Arizona. Border Patrol doing its sworn duty...what a concept, eh, Mr. President?

See? No MALDEF or LULAC making demands regarding the newly arrived illegals “human-rights” or loading them into pickups for illegal work. This group of trespassers is going back to Mexico.

So, we must assume that the distance is more than 12 miles…but how far? Maybe the President knows?

If I was one of the many who profit from the millions of illegal workers in this country, I would seriously consider putting up a shelter with a sign - "DAY-LABOR CENTER" - just inches over the border…it seems to work here in Marietta. . The victims of geography could then crawl under the wire and presto…get the same "rights" as someone who has made it all the way to my hometown in Georgiafornia!

People transport, hire, shelter and encourage illegal aliens like crazy here. Nobody arrests the federal felons... ever.

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