What you can do

Illegal immigration is not a complex issue. It is national suicide.

Listen to this audio interview with D.A. King on NPR, February, 2009.

Common sense on illegal immigration from the Dustin Inman Society

  1. Secure American borders. See the Constitutional charter of the Guard, including Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Enforce American laws. See the Presidential Oath of Office.
  3. No more amnesties for illegal aliens - or the criminals who employ them. See the article The McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, by Rich Lowry, TownHall.com, May 27, 2005.
  4. Vote only for candidates, at every level of government, who will make the above their first priority. See the article Immigration could be the hot election issue in 2008.


Action you can take

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Locate and contact your elected officials

Review the immigration voting records for the Georgia delegation to the U.S. Congress. Then contact them and encourage them to vote according to the wishes of the vast majority of Georgians and Americans. Here's how to find and contact your Georgia elected officials.

What can you do to make your voice heard, help begin to secure American borders and to make Georgia an illegal alien free zone?

The first thing that you must never do is to let anyone make you feel somehow less than “tolerant” or “mainstream” for insisting that American borders be secured and American laws be enforced…for everyone.

It is not un-American to demand equal protection under the law!

Report Illegal Aliens... and Employers!

In Georgia, if you see someone you reasonably suspect to be present in our country illegally, or employing transporting or encouraging an illegal alien... call the Atlanta Region Bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and file a report.

The telephone number is 770 994-4200.

They must create a paper trail and a file on all reports.

Don’t get your hopes up about seeing the sudden or immediate arrival of squads of federal agents, but all efforts to demand law enforcement have a positive effect.

Report criminal employers to the IRS!...get a reward!

We love this one. The Internal Revenue Service takes a dim view of employers paying their illegal labor in un-reported cash. That agency offers rewards for information that leads to the collection of federal income taxes that are not paid on these wages.

Many landscape and construction contractors withdraw large sums of cash each week to pay the labor responsible for lowering American wages. They then depend on your tax dollar to provide social services for the worker.

Here is a downloadable IRS form to report tax cheats who hire illegal aliens…have fun. We do. Best part? There is a possibility of the criminal employer going to prison.

Take photos at day labor pick-up locations!

Record tag numbers of contractors picking up and hiring illegal day labor... send the information to the federal authorities. It helps, really.

Note the careful enforcement of the laws and court rulings that benefit and encourage illegal aliens. For example, two of those laws are listed below.

Plyler vs. Doe - a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision that grants a taxpayer funded government education for illegal aliens... grades K-12. Georgia taxpayers are supporting the education of illegal alien children…in two languages.

By contrast, here is federal law USC Title 8, 1623 which clearly states that illegal aliens may not receive "in-state" college tuition rates unless all students receive that same rate. A law that is routinely and officially violated in several states…including some schools in Georgia.

Also, see: DREAM ACT.

Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act [EMTALA]

Here is information on EMTALA.

A 1985 federal law that guarantees emergency medical treatment to anyone in America regardless of ability to pay - or immigration status - who demands that care. In the U.S. and Georgia, emergency rooms have now become defacto clinics, emergency or not, for illegal aliens who are being treated, free of charge, for virtually all varieties of medical problems.

Imagine the howl of protest from the illegal alien lobby and the criminal employers who depend on the continued taxpayer subsidy of their constituents and workforce if either of these laws were to be ignored!

If all of our laws are as enthusiastically enforced as these two, we will live in a better America…and Georgia.

So... what you can do:

Contact your elected officials!

Here's how to Contact your elected officials.

Never underestimate the power of your letter, call or fax and e-mail to your elected officials. Politely contact them regularly!

Remember, these people work for you, at your pleasure. Some must ask for your vote every two years, some every four years - with U.S. Senators being elected every six years.

Make it clear to your elected officials, on every level, - from mayor and County Commissioners, through the Gold Dome, to Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson - that your vote is directly connected with their effort to secure our borders and work against illegal immigration.

Make sure they understand that you are watching them and will vote November, 2006.

Be aware of pending legislation.

To read the full texts of any of federal level bills, go to Thoman and plug in the bill numbers.

Soon we will have a completed section dedicated to bills proposed and pending in both Congress and the Georgia Legislature.

Here are some of them:

U.S. Congress:

  • HR 2671 the CLEAR ACT - a bipartisan bill to address America’s criminal alien crisis.
  • H.R. 698, the Citizenship Reform Act of 2005 - would deny citizenship at birth to illegal aliens.
  • S 1945 [108th Congress], the DREAM ACT - Student Adjustment Act - amnesty for illegal aliens in trade for two years military service or college attendance, would allow illegal aliens to attend American colleges at tuition rates less than real, legal immigrants, or…Americans.
  • S 1033, the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act. McCain/Kennedy Amnesty for illegal aliens- and their families.would sell legal residence and path to American citizenship for $2,000.00.

Georgia legislature

  • SB 336 [Senate Bill], the Georgia Fair Employment Act – enactment would prohibit Georgia employers from deducting from state income taxes wages paid to illegal aliens. Violations could result in the suspension of the employer’s business license or certificates of incorporation.
  • SB 169 - enactment would require that state contracts include language ensuring that contractors hire only those people who are legally allowed to reside and work in the United States.
  • SB 170 - enactment would require that any state service which requires identification must only accept documents that verify the person providing identification is legally present in the United States.

Town Hall Meet-ups

Periodically, your elected official, again, from county Commissioner to U.S. Senator will hold public meetings to find out what the voters think…attend and tell them!

Read your local newspaper!

It is amazing to us here at The Dustin Inman Society how many people tell us that they do not read their paper because they do not agree with or approve of the news and opinions (sometimes these two being one!) contained therein.

You must know what is going on around you and your community! (This includes the AJC) Enough said!

Never underestimate the power of a letter to the editor [LTE] of your local paper

Letters editors at newspapers want to receive and publish letters that reflect the opinion of the readers. The first page of the morning newspapers that most politicians read is the “Opinion” page...and the letters section. They want to know which way the wind is blowing... tell them!

Weather you agree or disagree with a recent report, story or opinion column in your paper, make sure that your opinion is heard.

Make your friends and neighbors aware of your interest

We are demanding nothing more than secure borders and equal protection under the laws of the nation and state, we will settle for nothing less. Make your position clear. Many people are reluctant to be the first one to speak up, but silently share your concerns and frustrations. Give them a chance to help secure Georgia.

Rallys, Protests and Demonstrations

Don’t be shy or reluctant to organize or attend a rally or protest march to make your outrage known to the public and the media.

The same U.S. Constitution that guarantees us equal protection under the law guarantees us the right to free speech and to peaceable assembly. Exercise those rights, please…while we are still allowed.

If you are aware of illegal aliens or those who enable them protesting demanding the “rights of citizens”... protest them back. Stage a counter protest. See our 1000 words page for some of ours.

Don’t allow their public admission of violation of federal law to go un-answered.

The rule of law on which our nation was founded is disappearing, along with it will go our rights and freedoms. We must protect what our grandfather’s passed on to us.