Columns by D.A. King published in Breitbart News

  • Georgia’s GOP Governor Helps Illegals By Giving Them Drivers’ Licenses, by D.A. King, Breitbart News, August 10, 2016

    Georgia is issuing illegal aliens the identical drivers licenses and official state ID cards given to non-citizens with legal status, including invited Mercedes Benz executives who are in the state with temporary visas.

  • Obama’s Judge Pushes Georgia Chamber, Eric Erickson, To Fight Conservatives, by D.A. King, Breitbart News, January 12, 2016

    On his January 7th drive-time Atlanta radio show, blogger and Fox News personality Erick Erickson stunned listeners with a somewhat shaky Lopez testimonial, the assurance that Lopez is the best nominee the Republicans can hope for and that a Federal Judge Dax Lopez would have “no role” on immigration cases. “No spin” said Erickson.

  • GA Gov Appoints Anti-Enforcement Immigration Activist to Board of Corrections, by D.A. King, Breitbart News, October 24, 2013

    While many Georgia conservatives are left scratching their heads in outrage, the far-left wing of the state’s illegal alien lobby is applauding Republican Governor Nathan Deal for his recent appointment of one of their own to the state’s Board of Corrections.

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