Spooky tactics should be resisted

By Laura Armstrong, Marietta Daily Journal, October 28, 2007


We live in villainous times.

Way too many ghouls out there are rattling chains for radical change. I don't mean replacing Republicans with Democrats. I'm talking revolution - in our culture, our economy, our fundamental Americanism.

We have socialists masquerading as Democrats and communists haunting the Greens. Academics dress up as defenders of speech, and jihadi sympathizers pose as champions of "social justice," ironically hoping to dismember the very system that permits them to flourish here. And don't forget the bottom-feeding anarchist zombies who've lost touch with reality completely.

With or without their trick or treat masks, they're all just America-haters who care little or nothing for freedom, capitalism or the components that have made us great. Dare I say, many even cheered 9/11 on some level, and all depend on our ignorance to gain political ground.

In each case, as in history, the truths of their radical agendas have been rejected by Americans. Therefore those who would reveal them must be silenced.

Take the latest shot at Rush Limbaugh, whose conservative radio show reaches 600 markets, including Atlanta's WGST AM640. Forty Senate Democrats actually signed an unprecedented letter denouncing him, a private citizen, on a bogus charge that he denigrated veterans who are outspoken against the mission in Iraq. Those foolish enough to sign onto this stunt were either embarrassed or disappointed, however, when Rush's real comments - about one fake soldier, Jesse Al Zaid Macbeth, who unlawfully claimed benefits meant for real vets - were revealed clearly on the record. Rush supports the troops, left-wing Democrats don't, and everyone knows it.

Another leftist tactic: if you can't smear, show your rear.

That's what happened Wednesday when the Terrorism Awareness Project's David Horowitz came to town, hosted by Emory College Republicans.

Booing, jeering and chanting "heil Hitler" from the moment Mr. Horowitz appeared, a large mob took control of the venue and shut down his talk on Islamic fascism, yet another defeat for academic freedom of speech and truth on college campuses.

Closer to home, my friend and fellow MDJ columnist D.A. King has become a national expert on the troubling facts surrounding illegal immigration, the go-to guy on reform. Yet he was marked last week as a hatemonger by former WSB reporter-turned Anti Defamation League crusader Bill Nigut, who apparently believes legal and illegal mean the same in America.

The reality is that D.A., a former Marine with a beloved sister adopted from Korea, couldn't care less about race or skin color and doesn't rate this smear. His mantra is, "It's not about where you're from; it's about how you got here."

He speaks for many, including naturalized citizens who waited years for their status, when he brings attention to this cause. And he's tough to beat in the arena of ideas, so open borders activists label him racist and hope people will believe it.

"I'm proud I've made all the right enemies," he explains.

I admire his perseverance against the spooky tactics of the left.


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