Governor Perdue on sidelines on illegal aliens

Article by D.A. King, published in the Marietta Daily Journal June 10, 2005

In Sunday's MDJ, columnist Bill Kinney writes - correctly - that Cobb County voters will play a very important role in Gov. Sonny Perdue's upcoming re-election campaign.

As one of those voters, and one who receives many calls and letters from angry and confused taxpaying voters in Cobb, here's a suggestion on how to easily gain our active and vocal support - and to get out the vote.

Note to the governor's re-election staff: to paraphrase a line from Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, respectfully, somebody tell the governor - It's illegal immigration stupid!

Somebody ask him to kindly pick a side.

Here in Cobb most of us are grateful for the anti-"Spam" legislation, and yes, the air in the neighborhood Waffle House is sure to be cleaner because of the statewide no-smoking law, but what is the governor doing about the more than half million illegal aliens - and their children - who are living in our state?

What is the governor doing about the tens of thousands of employers who hire these wage thieves and then allow Georgia taxpayers to subsidize their medical care, education and pay for the incarceration of those who violate laws that we do enforce?

What is Gov. Perdue doing about the fact that English is rapidly becoming an optional language in Georgia?

When asked about the crisis, the reply that usually comes from some of the more - umm - "careful" state politicians is that "illegal immigration is a federal problem, and cannot be addressed from the state level."


Illegal immigration is a national problem and Georgia has one of the largest and fastest-growing populations of illegal aliens in the entire nation.

Perdue can change that.

In today's America, the president specifically and the federal government in general have for the most part chosen to ignore their oaths of office by not securing our borders or enforcing our immigration and employment laws.

When it comes to illegal immigration, it seems that protecting Americans in America has taken a back seat to protecting big business and campaign donations.

Georgia and Cobb County are the preferred destination of many of the thousands of destitute people illegally crossing our borders as you read these words.

Perdue can change that.

In today's Georgia, it is past time for the elected officials under the Gold Dome, starting with the governor, to start protecting Georgians in Georgia.

In the last session of the General Assembly, state Senator Chip Rogers (R-Cobb) introduced still-pending bills that would encourage illegal aliens to choose as a destination a state other than Georgia.

They include: * SB 336 (The "Georgia Fair Employment Act") - Would prohibit Georgia employers from deducting from state income taxes wages paid to illegal aliens. Violations could result in the suspension of the employer's business license or certificates of incorporation.

* SB 169 - Would require that state contracts include language ensuring that contractors hire only those people who are legally allowed to reside and work in the United States.

* SB 170 - Would require that any state service that requires identification must only accept documents that verify the person providing identification is legally present in the United States.

* SB 171 - Would require that only residents of Georgia who have legal immigration status be admitted into the University system of Georgia.

The U.S. Census figures show that nationally, the overwhelming majority of illegals entering the U.S. and Georgia come from Latin America, with Mexico sending nearly 70 percent of that total.

They are fleeing the overcrowded poverty, lack of education, low wages and corrupt government that is the Third World.

Nobody I am aware of blames the illegals for wanting to leave that misery - just as nobody I know wants to see Georgia become anything similar.

"Georgiafornia?" - no gracias.

I haven't heard where the governor stands on Sen. Rogers' bills, but neither have I heard why in 2003 he created a "Latino Commission for a New Georgia" - but has yet to appoint a commission to study or measure the effects and consequences of illegal immigration on the citizens of Georgia.

Maybe I'll will call his office at (404) 656-1776 and ask why.

Before we vote, maybe we all should.