Alert the Media! D.A. King agrees with Cynthia Tucker!

By D.A. King, The Wake Up American Foundation, October 6, 2005

In her opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ms. Tucker has part of an excellent point. And on it, this American agrees. [ Perhaps the denizens of Hades are enjoying ice-water in hell today!]

Of State Senator Eric Johnson, she writes:

"...he should pledge to support a bill . that languished last year --- a proposal that would require any Georgia business with state contracts to check a national database of Social Security numbers to verify that job applicants have legal documents. A law that doled out harsh penalties to employers who hire undocumented workers would discourage illegal hiring. And fewer job opportunities would stanch the flow of illegal newcomers."

The bill she refers to, Georgia SB 336 [Senator Chip Rogers R- Woodstock], should be passed ...and then actually enforced.

However, that alone will not convince the illegal "migrants" to avoid - or leave - Georgia.

While many are pointing to the crisis as a purely financial matter, most are ignoring the fact that in a nation of law, employing illegal "migrants" is a crime.

They also ignore the fact that in a nation of law real, legal immigrants struggled to be Americans within that law. If all that is required to have the rights of legal immigrants and citizens in America is to dodge the intentionally under - funded Border Patrol, why bother following the rules?

Why have a border or law at all?

Enforcing existing American employment law in Georgia will make Georgia less attractive to illegal aliens sent by the Mexican government. But it is still considerably easier to be poor here than in Mexico.

Unsecured borders in a welfare state is national suicide.

Absent any effort from the Bush administration, it is up to each state to do all it can to protect its citizens from the crushing expense brought on by illegal immigration. It is also within the oaths of office taken by state level elected officials to protect the U.S. constitution.

If illegal aliens can see that North Carolina, for example, has more advantageous conditions than Georgia, they will migrate there...let North Carolina politicians wring their hands over whether or not to give taxpayer money away….and suffer the consequences.

Putting a halt to a social net for illegals as does SB 170 [Senator Rogers again] that is not already federally mandated, in addition to cutting off their illegal employment, is another part of the equation.

Securing the borders will insure that both methods result in a permanent solution.

Giving a college seat to an illegal alien from Mexico at a lesser tuition rate than an American from North Carolina cannot be seriously considered a deterrent, or to be fair to the American student.

And it is a violation of another federal law. [8 usc 1623].

Why is that not the point on the entire issue?

It is when any existing law that benefits illegals comes up.

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