Protest focuses on aid by state

By Vicky Eckenrode, Morris News Service, The Agusta Chronicle, October 17, 2005

ATLANTA - Previewing what is expected to be a major issue in the General Assembly next year, a group of legislators and rally participants called for new laws limiting state services for illegal immigrants.

At the Capitol on Monday, supporters for the restrictions charged that the state spends nearly a billion dollars in areas such as basic medical care, education and low-income housing.

Holding signs that read "Deport criminal employers" and "Secure our borders," participant... criticized how much of the state's financial resources goes to illegal immigrants.

"We're spending a lot of money and a lot of resources where we should not be," said Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock. "If legal Georgia residents are not first in line for taxpayer services, then who is?"

Mr. Rogers has introduced legislation to block some state-funded benefits for illegal immigrants and bar them from attending a state-owned public university or college....

Vowing to keep up momentum on the issue into the legislative session, supporters of the bills said they wanted to hear more about the governor's stance.

D.A. King accused the governor's office of remaining silent on the topic.

"I call upon the governor to pick a side," said Mr. King, the president of The Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigrant group named after a Georgia teen who died in a wreck caused by a driver who was an illegal immigrant....

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