Rogers standing firm on illegals

By Don McKee, Marietta Daily Journal, August 15, 2005

Fake identification cards pose the biggest concern for Georgia law enforcement in trying to stem the rising tide of illegal immigrants - estimated at upwards of 350,000 in this state - and the associated problems of gang activity and crime.

It is the state government's responsibility to recognize the problems and do something about them, says state Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock).

Rogers is doing something.

He and Rep. John Lunsford (R-McDonough) hosted a meeting of the joint House and Senate Immigration Reform Caucus last week with a group of law enforcement officials at the state Capitol for input on how to cope with the flood of illegal immigrants.

As a result, Rogers said he intends to push for legislation cracking down on fake ID mills.

The Woodstock lawmaker, whose district includes northeast Cobb and southern Cherokee counties, is waging a full-scale effort in the General Assembly to address what is an increasingly deplorable situation - the under-enforcement of immigration laws by the federal government and the widespread complicity of numerous businesses.

In this year's legislative session, Rogers introduced bills to bar illegal immigrants from getting government social services, such as health care, and from obtaining driver's licenses....

SB 336 would not allow any compensation paid to an illegal alien to be deducted as business expense from income or business taxes in Georgia....

That's tough legislation, but Rogers is forging ahead.... "The situation will not go away by ignoring it," he said. "The time to address this issue is now." Full speed ahead, Senator.

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