Americans who have died because of our unsecured borders

Due to lack of funds, resources and manpower, we were forced to discontinue additions to this page early last year. The sad fact is that there were just too many names and stories of deaths to track and post in combination with our other efforts. 12 Feb 2011

Below is a partial list of people killed by illegal aliens in our nation.

All of these deaths were avoidable.

Note: We are aware of many more deaths caused by illegal aliens in our nation, but have only listed the names for which we can provide a news story that mentions the immigration status of the individual charged.

Many "journalists" in the mainstream media find it politically incorrect to include the immigration status of the people involved in the story. We regard this intentional omission as unprofessional, biased and unbalanced.

Here is an example of one story that tells the sad truth about one of the thousands of unecessary tragedies in our nation because our government, at all levels, lacks the will and courage to protect Americans against a privileged group of criminals...illegal aliens.

We remind the reader that illegal immigration is a crime, as it is to employ, encourage or assist an illegal alien. Read USC Title 8, section 1324 for more information.

It is heartbreaking to list the many that have perished in the name of cheap labor and open borders.

We feel that the public has a right to understand the scope of the loss of American lives caused by the intentionally unsecured American borders and the virtually non-existent enforcement of our employment and immigration laws.

Make no mistake: State and local government have the power and authority to slow and discourage illegal immigration into Georgia.

We are lucky here in Georgia to have the strongest and most comprehensive law in the nation aimed at illegal employers and aliens. The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (SB 529), authored by state Senator Chip Rogers and signed into law on April 17, 2006 by Governor Sonny Perdue is already having an effect on people who have chosen to violate existing federal laws.

Senator Rogers, Governor Perdue and the majority of the General Assembly who voted for the bill should be proud and we as Georgians are grateful for their courage.

Absent the equal protection under the law promised by the President and federal government, many states are taking a close look at the Georgia legislation and modeling similar bills on what senator Rogersí has done here in Georgia.

A heartfelt thanks to all who helped with phone calls, letters and lobbing and attending rallies to get SB 529 passed into law. We have proven that Americans who are aware and active can make a difference in America.

We hope to add to the current law in the next session of the legislature.

We hope that doing so will save lives.

Below our list are links to other sites with more information on deaths and crimes attributed to illegal aliens.

Like all crimes, illegal immigration has consequences.

We know this list to be incomplete. If you can provide the name of a victim that we have not yet listed, please contact us.

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Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Murder of Arizona Rancher,, Mar 30, 2010 - Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, pictured here in 2008, was killed in March on his own property 35 miles outside of the border town of Douglas ...

Links to sites with further information on victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens

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